All black, white and grey rock style with all sorts of metalic accessories, the elegant, pastel flowery colour domination lady style, the eternal casual jeans and shirt good for every occasion style… yes, the fashion scene is rich in choices and there’s something for every taste. But, while you may have a certain style you nurture, you’re pretty aware of the fact that trends come and go; and you simply can’t afford neither the money nor the space to make a boutique out of your wardrobe. What you can do however, is make use of the oldest trick in the fashion book: get the right basic accessories that can transform every outfit from boring to wow-ing.

Be careful though; when you enter a fashion accessories shop, the bling-bling of all the necklaces and earrings will instantly cause chaos in your head and you may easily end up spending your money on all sorts of trendy stuff you won’t even have the chance to wear the next month. Instead, follow this short guide on what you actually need to own in your accessories arsenal, and look for online fashion accessories offers that won’t make you think for hours whether to buy them or not.

Fashion Accessories

The right jewellery

The right piece of jewellery can do wonders to any outfit. Picture this – a dull black dress or a simple jeans and shirt outfit; just perfect! It can totally break the monotony and from a simple all black outfit, transform it into an elegant vision you can pull off for both the office and a nice night out in the bar. However, do not go for all the cheezy accessories you’ll spot; choose something in either golden or silver colour that you can easily combine with earrings and rings.

A scarf

A good scarf made of a quality material which is large enough can easily be the centre-piece in your accessories palette. One in a screaming colour, like red for example, can transform a white shirt and jeans outfit into a very chic and classy one. Plus, a good scarf is not just an accessory – it’s a friend on chilly nights and a fancy splash of colour during the day.

A handbag

The handbag is the inevitable part of every online fashion accessories offer, and quite understandable actually. A good handbag says a lot about you, so pay more attention when you’re choosing. Make sure you have one large in black which will be the base for all your outfits. Also, you should have one smaller for going out; this one can easily be in a strong, eye-catchy colour which you can easily match with a scarf and a pair of shoes.

A fedora hat

fedora hats winter trends

The fedora is something you definitely should have in your wardrobe. It should be your first choice when you have a bad hair day or when you simply don’t know what to put on so your vision is complete. Have one in black, grey and beige, or in a screaming colour you’ll combine with interesting shoes and scarf in the same colour.


Shoes are every woman’s weak spot, and anyone who has seen “Sex and the City” knows Carrie’s famous opinion on shoes: ‘I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!’ You simply don’t give up on your shoes. And while on necessities regardless of trends, the two basic things you need, are flats and elegant high heels. Don’t go loose with the colour though; choose something in black, beige or eventually red.

The poncho

If there’s a piece of clothing that simply doesn’t go out of style but simply evolves in shape and colour, it’s the poncho. From a simple brownish piece of material which native Americans and cowboys used to cover their upper body with, to a very trendy sort of jacket which you can wear all seasons because it’s simply that versatile. Have one in your wardrobe to throw it over your leather jacket on slightly colder days, or to combine it with a short-sleeved tee on chilly spring nights.

A pair of sunglasses

The sunglasses are probably the most inevitable piece of accessories one owns. No matter the season, the sun does its thing; it causes damage to your skin and your eyes. Make sure they are metal and of high quality (you may want to invest a little more in sunglasses). Choose something fancy and in a colour according to your hair colour, if you want to wear them regardless of the season.