A List of the Best Tool Storage Accessories

Renegade Industrial 4 Drawer Tapered Top Box
Source: tradetools.com

Regardless of whether they’re set up for work, recreation, or just a bit of both: utes are rolling showcases for some of the most innovative storage solutions imaginable. For tradies, bringing together a set of low profile checker-plate boxes behind a 3/4 canopy, with a nice pair of under tray boxes and space for a swivel base crane on the tail is the embodiment of a convenient combination. And for off-roaders, it doesn’t get much better than a powder-coated 2-drawer half-canopy, and a clever assortment of platform and undertray drawers, unless you top them off with a ladder and a jerry can holder.

With the right trays and service bodies, the sky’s the limit when it comes to storage. The challenge with all this storage space though, is finding the best way to keep all the contents in order. After all, ute storage space isn’t any different from household closet space. You can toss stuff in and close the door, or you can look at accessories that’ll help you get everything controlled, organized, and even double your capacity. The second option is your best option, so let’s look at some ute accessories that can help you get everything in place before you hit the road.

Storage Space Managers

Aluminium Tool Boxe
Source: tradetools.com

Let’s be honest: with so many different boxes and enclosures available to accommodate everything from mobile welding stations to full-fledged camping kitchens, it can start to feel like you’re running out of space. With the right combination of shelving and tool storage accessories though, keeping tabs on all your tools, widgets, and other gadgets is going to become a lot easier.

The truth is, it’s not about needing more storage space: it’s about finding ways of managing the available space better. That’s why the easiest aspect to appreciate about these accessories is that they embody sensible approaches to address common problems that ute owners are already familiar with.

  • Too few ute toolboxes with actual provisions for separating tools.
  • Too few ute enclosures with genuine shelving for vertical storage.
  • Too few storage options of any kind for items that need to remain upright at times.

No one wants the headache of unloading an entire tool or chest to find a single item, and no one wants the risk of hoping their compressed gas bottles are going to stay secure after they’ve been wedging in between other items. A few good storage accessories are going to eliminate all these concerns, and you’ll be surprised at just how much more space you actually have.

Tool Box Inserts

If you want to keep your tools or fasteners – or even your socks and sockets – handily separated, then tool box inserts are what you’re looking for. Manufactured in 3 drawers tapered, and 4 drawer vertical configurations, storage inserts are excellent organizational elements that can be bolted precisely where you want inside any full-door type ute box or canopy that’s already mounted on your tray.

Box Inserts are made from 1.5mm heavy duty polished aluminium and are designed for durability; and with the larger 4 drawer models weighing only 29kg, they won’t punish you on payload or performance. They also feature:

  • Full seam welded construction;
  • Heavy-duty drawer slides; and,
  • Dual tray locks.

In short, if you’re looking to add vertical stacking ability to a full-sized box mounted on top of your tray, or to maximize some of the underutilized space that invariably exists in under tray boxes, these inserts will do it for you.


Shelves make the difference between simply piling items on top of each other, and positioning them in a manner that protects and arranges them. Manufacturers typically produce shelves as tool chest accessories exclusively for their own tool and ute boxes, but don’t let that discourage you. The dimensions among Australia’s leading toolbox manufacturers are largely similar, but you’ll still want to carefully measure the internal dimensions of your ute boxes before purchasing shelving, or purchasing your boxes and shelves from the same manufacturer.

Typically though, shelves are made of durable checker plate aluminium sheets and are fully adjustable. For heavy-duty usage, you can also count on quality manufacturers to reinforce and seam welding their shelves. Inherently, bolt-in configurations and rolled front lips are going to be standards for maximum surety and stability which, when combined with low weight, make them superb at keeping tools and other materials exactly where you need them to be at all times.

Accessory Trays

Source: facebook.com/TradeTools/

Sometimes you don’t even need a massive storage container – sometimes you just need one small facility that can be mounted to an exterior bulkhead, or will fit comfortably fit along the inside of another box. Accessory trays are compact, open-topped tool accessory storage boxes for securing items that either need to stay vertical, or kept preferably at arm’s length for convenience, like:

  • D-size, compressed gas bottles and cylinders;
  • Open automotive oil and lubricant containers; and,
  • Tie-down straps, ropes and comealongs.

And you can also expect these trays to offer up the same quality and look you’d find in any other ute box, such as:

  • 2.5mm checker plate aluminium;
  • Full seam welding; and,
  • Protective rubber edging for safety.

These little boxes really let you optimize your tray’s space to the fullest; and you can stop worrying about items dangerously rolling around, leaking, or unfurling, once and for all.

The Final Word

Arguably, it’s out of necessity and novelty that utes have become one of the most incredibly efficient users of space of any wheeled vehicle in the world. It’s still possible, however, to improve on that legacy of efficiency even more … and fortunately, it doesn’t require a great deal of effort to do it.

It only takes a few simple tool storage accessories to really maximize your ute’s payload. And again, it’s not about needing more space. Utes already have space to spare: it’s about how well all that space is managed. Let today be the day you start looking at small accessories to make the big difference.