A List of the Different Styles and Layouts of Boating Speakers

Boating Speakers
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Speakers are an essential part of any boat, and come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Speakers for boats can be installed into the hulls, fibreglass, or even under water so that sound is projected outward.

The marine stereo that you select is one of the most important upgrades that you can do to your boat. It can enhance the overall enjoyment of your time on the water, while at the same time providing a means to communicate with others on board.

Waterproof Speakers

Waterproof speakers
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Waterproof speakers for boats are not just for the poolside grill. These speakers are also great for the shower, camping, boating and more. There are many different kinds of waterproof speakers on the market, but most can withstand water in the depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Waterproof speakers are ideal for those who enjoy swimming, surfing or bathing in the pool or the ocean. This type of speaker is designed to be submerged in water without damaging it. A lot of waterproof speakers are designed with a rubber base that seals out moisture and other elements. The seal also helps protect against dust and particles to improve sound quality. Waterproof speaker brands offer speakers that have been tested to be IP66 rated, which means they can be submerged in water at an angle of 60 degrees up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

These speakers can be used in various places including around the house, near pools and anywhere where there’s a chance of splashes or water getting on them. Some people even use these speakers while they are having a bath or shower.

Choose the Right Size

 different sizes of boat speakers
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There are many different sizes of boat speakers that you can choose from. From the smallest which is around 6 inches, to the largest which is around 12 inches or more. How big do you want your speakers to be?

Getting the proper size speaker for your boat is important because it can determine how loud and clear your music will sound on the water. If you have a small boat, then small speakers will suffice, but if you have a large vessel or want to fill the sound throughout the entire deck of your ship then larger speakers might be better suited for your needs.

If you’re having trouble deciding between two sizes, it can help to imagine that if you take two speakers and place them side by side, the sound will bounce off the surface they’re sitting on. This means that a larger speaker will create a wider “sweet spot” where the sound is at an optimal level. A smaller shallow-mount model will produce a narrower sweet spot that requires sitting in just the right position to hear everything at its best.

Get Great Sounding Music for Your Boat!

Sounding Music for Your Boat
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Marine stereos and speakers are the lifeblood of the boating experience. You want to be able to listen to your favourite tunes while on the water, or simply enjoy your time out on the water with friends, family, or even just by yourself. Many times, boaters will purchase a marine stereo system that is meant for outdoor use and then mount it in their boat. Before you do this, ensure that you have chosen a marine stereo that is compatible with your boat. This will prevent any problems from occurring in the future. It’s also important to understand how sound travels through water before installing one. Sound travels at different speeds depending on what the medium is through which it is travelling.

The speed at which sound travels through the air is 1125 feet per second (741 miles per hour). The speed of sound through water is approximately 4200 feet per second (2208 miles per hour). This means that you will hear sounds coming from someone else’s boat approximately 1 second after they say something. However, if you are listening to music with a radio station, you are likely hearing it directly from the broadcaster because there are no other obstacles in between them and you.

You Can Choose From Different Types

There are 3 main types of speakers that you can add to your boat: coaxial, component and full range.

  • Coaxial (or 2-way) speakers are made up of 2 speakers in 1 package. They have tweeters placed on the top of the woofer cone. This is a very common type of speaker for boaters because it is easy to install, inexpensive and sounds pretty good.
  • Component (or 3-way) speakers consist of separate woofers and tweeters that are mounted separately in the boat. The advantage to this type of speaker is that it has better sound quality than a coaxial one. The disadvantage is that they require more space and installation time. Component speakers also tend to be more expensive than coaxial ones.
  • Full-range speakers consist only of one speaker with the woofer cone surrounding all the other components (tweeter, mid-range, etc.). The advantage to this type of speaker is that it has the highest sound quality and provides a clear crisp sound while boating. Full-range speakers also provide more bass-response than coaxial or component ones.