A List of Things to Consider When Buying Clogs for Men

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Working in a fast-paced commercial kitchen can be hazardous if you’re not properly dressed and equipped with the right accessories. This is why wearing proper footwear plays a major role in your safety and productivity on the job. There is a variety of factors to consider when buying men’s clog shoes to make sure the pair you buy is well worth your money.


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If you’re working long hours, you’re probably aware of the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. Working in a commercial kitchen involves running around on your feet for hours on end. You’ll need footwear that offers the proper support to your joints. Clogs are designed to reinforce the foot’s natural arch and keep it in the right alignment. Providing excellent shock absorption, men clogs offer a relaxed fit for a spacious feel, allowing your feet plenty of breathability. It’s best to try your new clogs after a long day at work when your feet are a bit swollen to see whether they will be the right fit for your tired feet even at the end of your shift.

Currently, Birkenstock offers some of the highest quality shoes on the market, and this stands for their work shoes as well. To meet excellent comfort, Birkenstock designed Profi Birki clogs for men – a model that’s waterproof and features a raised back for a secure fit. This popular model provides easy on-off wearing, confirming to be on top of the line for their respective purpose. The legendary footbed that initially brought Birkenstock its popularity hugs your shoe in the most unique and supportive way. Being on the market for over 200 years now, this popular German brand is a staple in the industry.

Grip Resistance

profi birki clogs for men

Slipping is highly possible when working in a commercial kitchen, which means choosing slip-resistant footwear is highly reccomended. Good kitchen clogs for men should have a soft rubber outsole that helps the shoe grip the floor. Soft rubber offers an effective grip on any flooring and it’s far better than most normal outsoles that are harder and stiffer. Interlock tread patterns leave no room for the water/liquid to go inside the outsole, making them more slip-resistant.

Quality and Durable

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Quality and durability are not negotiable. Birkenstock’s kitchen clogs are made of polyurethane – a material that is highly flexible, comfortable and durable. The unique footbed made from Birki-foam automatically moulds to the shape of your foot, creating a custom insole that supports and holds in every step.

Additional Protection

birki clogs for men

To avoid accidents while working, such as slips and falls, kitchen clogs might even have tapered outsoles and different traction patterns that reduce the chances of slipping. Besides slip resistance, the right kitchen men’s clogs should protect your feet from the rest of the environmental factors in your workplace as well. The upper part that covers the feet should be made of hard materials that can protect your feet against heavy objects that may fall on them.

Easy to Clean

Good hygiene is essential when working in a kitchen. Not only your uniform but your shoes should be clean as well. You should be able to hand wash your clogs with warm/hot water. Take out the removable insole before you start. You can only wipe them out, but it’s better to rinse them with water and use a mild detergent if needed. If needed, use a scrub brush to remove dirt. Don’t expose them to direct sun and do not put them in the drying machine as it might shrink and damage them. Leave them to air dry.