Stylish and elegant bedside tables add a finishing touch to the bedroom interior design. A bedside table should serve a dual purpose – provide space for arranging bed-time essentials and enhance the functionality and design of the bed. When chosen right, bedside tables can provide many creative opportunities for enhancing the look and ambiance in your private quarters.

While years ago it was all about the matchy-mathchy look, today the bedrooms we see in interior design magazines often have a mismathced pair of nightstands that look so distinctive and different, yet somehow go perfectly well together. This just shows that with a dose of creativity and smart planning you can make your nightstand the centerpiece of your bedroom and create a unique and functional interior design. Whether you opt for a matching pair, or two very distinct pieces, there a few essential things to keep in mind when choosing bedside tables that will best compliment your design scheme.

The ideal height

No matter how chic and elegant a bedside table looks, if it’s too high or too low for your bed it will ruin the entire design scheme of your bedroom. So, before you begin your search for one, measure the dimensions of your bed and pay special attention to its height. A practical bedside table would ideally be the same height as your bed, creating a clean visual line. However, a model that is a few centimeters taller would also work fine, as long as the table top remains within easy reach.

Drawers or no drawers?

When faced with the dilemma of whether your nightstand should feature drawers or not, it’s important to think about all the things you like to keep on it. If you only keep a few essential items like a lamp, book and a glass of water, then a table with no drawers would do just fine. Keep in mind however, that this type usually has a simple design and lacks in both functionality and elegance. If you’re after a nightstand that provides the convenience of extra storage space, then a model with drawers would be ideal for you. Drawers makes it much easier to keep your table top clutter-free, plus they further enhance the elegant design of the nightstand.

Wood, glass or metal?

The material is the feature that determines both the durability and aesthetic appeal of your bedside table, so think carefully before making the final decision. With their effortless elegance and timeless look, wooden bedside tables add more value to a room. They’re very durable and when cleaned properly, can last for many years to come. Glass nightstands have a minimalist design that creates a tidy and polished look, therefore they are a great choice for small bedrooms. Metal nightstands are known for their simple yet stylish design and would work best in a more modern home setting.