A List of Things to Note When Buying Skirts for Girls

girls skirts

It was my daughter’s birthday yesterday and she asked for a skirt as a birthday gift. Up until now, my little girl preferred wearing strictly pants, so her request caught me by surprise. Of course, I wanted to fulfill her wish, however, I know nothing about girls skirts, as I don’t wear them either. There is a first time for everything, I guess. So, I went online and started reading articles about what’s trending in kids’ fashion, how to get the best deal for my money when shopping online, which are the best materials for kids’ clothing and what to pay most attention to when shopping for girls skirts. Here’s what I found.

Consider the fact that she’s growing

Children have unpredictable growth spurts and there is no telling when they will outgrow that cute little outfit you just bought for them. I don’t mind buying quality clothes for my kid, but considering how little she wears them, they turn out to be pricey! And since I don’t know anyone who can give me some hand me downs, I have formed a habit to only buy clothes on sale. Girls skirts are no exception to my rule! If the waist is elasticated, that piece is definitely a winner.

girls skirts

However, as she grows the skirt will become shorter, so this only works if she prefers wearing longer skirts. I am also not one to buy oversized clothes. They make kids look like a cartoon character and I am not sure how comfortable mu girl will be in them. This little habit of mine has helped me to avoid creating a noticeable dent in my budget. By taking a few more minutes to browse the products of more stores, I have managed to find great deals online. And the best part of it all? I am not compromising on quality as most shops offer great discounts off-season.

Know the different fabrics

Depending on how they are made, fabrics can be divided into three categories:

  • Plant-derived – cotton and linen
  • Animal-derived – wool
  • Man-made – polyester.

In my search for summer clothes for little girls, most of the pieces I’ve come across were made of linen. This is a very lightweight and breathable fabric that doesn’t stick to the skin, which means it provides sufficient airflow. The only downside to this material that I can think of, is that it gets wrinkled easily. However, for most of the linen girls skirts I encountered, the wrinkles were sort of incorporated in the style.

skirts FOR GIRL

Like linen, cotton is also derived from a plant – the cotton plant. It is a fabric that is very soft on the skin, and it doesn’t irritate it. Moisture evaporates through cotton easily, so it is also the perfect fabric for summer clothing. And did you know that cotton can absorb up to 27 times its weight in water? It allows heat to dissipate, so in terms of properties, it is quite similar to linen.

Wool is also a soft and breathable fabric but it is mostly reserved for the colder months of the year. It doesn’t wrinkle easily and it is elastic, meaning it can stretch while you are wearing it and fit your body type. Polyester is man-made, using synthetic fibers. It is perhaps one of the most durable and strong fabrics on the market which is very important for children clothing, as they almost always manage to damage them while playing. It doesn’t really wrinkle, so there is no need to iron it. Polyester is very easy to take care of and it dries quickly.

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Let your little girl choose her outfits

When it comes to kids’ fashion, there really is no right and wrong style. Let your girl be creative and choose her own outfit and style. Unlike adults, children don’t have a dress code. They can mix and match colors that fashionistas don’t approve of and they can get away with it because they are so cute! Let them be unique and express themselves. Why suppress their creativity? Yes, they might look back on old photos and think they look silly, but at least they were dressed how they liked to be dressed that day.

girl skirts

You can also add in some budget lessons while shopping. If you set a limit on the amount you intend to spend, they will have to make a decision and pick only one or two pieces of clothing that they love. They will gain some budgeting skills in the process and you will also avoid spoiling them too much. Shopping is also a good opportunity for some bonding time with your kid. Instead of just making them wear something without consulting with them first, you can control what you buy in terms of price and quality, yet let them know that their voice is also heard.