A List of Things You Should Do to Keep Your Laptop in Good Shape


I have a bunch of friends that bought a laptop at the same time as I did, like 6 or 7 years ago, just before we all headed off to university and started to really need them. And by the time we all graduated, all of their laptops were more or less broken, or at least had a malfunctioning keyboard or touch pad. Even though some of them paid more money for their laptops than I did, mine was still in a pretty good shape, besides the battery which I replaced somewhere down the line.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

So how did I manage to keep it in such good condition? It’s pretty simple, I took great care of my laptop, I took it to regular servicing for the first 3 years, until the warranty and guarantee lasted, then I maintained it myself. Fixing most laptop hardware issues is relatively easy, like replacing a keyboard or repairing it for example. However, I’d best advise against it if you aren’t tech-savvy and take it down to a local laptop keyboard repair store – not just for laptop keyboard repair related issues, but for everything laptop related, both hardware and software.

Here are a few reasons why having your laptop frequently serviced is essential for its longevity:

Detect Issues Before They Become an Issue

So you just bought your laptop and you expect it to work flawlessly for at least a couple of years, right? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Whether your laptop is old or new doesn’t matter, new or old problems can appear at any time. By frequently IT servicing it you tackle these problems before they arise. This can also reduce overall servicing costs as you will have less to deal with.

Up-To-Date Anti-Malware Software

Anti-malware software is essential for every laptop just like it’s essential for a normal PC. But just having it doesn’t mean you’re all set. You have to frequently update it to make sure it’s working as intended. Always make sure you’re running the latest version, because most malware gets updates as well in an attempt to bypass the newest anti-malware software, so it’s an ongoing back-and-forth battle.

Cleaning The Cooler

The cooler is often times the main reason your laptop isn’t performing optimally. Coolers are notoriously known for clogging up and thus being unable to cool the hard drive, processor and graphics card. Cleaning the cooler at least twice a year is highly recommended. You can do this by yourself, but that’s inadvisable as you’ll have to take out all the components inside the laptop. Plus, cleaning it with a proper fan is better than using your vacuum cleaner at home.