A Short Style Guide for Tall Men


If you have the privilege of being tall, you constantly hear things like: “You must play basketball!”. Sometimes you get the occasional “How’s the weather up there?” or “WOW you’re tall!” Girls are obsessed with dating tall guys, kids want to be like you when they grow up, and everyone thinks that being tall is awesome.

And as a matter of fact, it is awesome and the weather is pleasant, BTW. You can get anything you want from the top shelve, enjoy concerts unbothered, and the last time you worried about getting on a ride at the amusement park you were in the second grade. The list of perks of being tall goes on and on, but what’s the catch?

long men t shirts

Finding clothes that fit right and look good is something many tall guys struggle with. Shopping for clothes can be harder as a tall person because there aren’t many brands that cater to your proportions and needs. This is why you should check out this short style guide for tall men and enjoy your royal highness, ba-dum-tss.


First things first, your clothes should fit you properly to avoid looking like you just borrowed them from a shorter pal. Although finding a fitting dress shirt takes a bit of time and patience, the final outcome is worthwhile. Stay away from shirts with tight shoulders or short arm lengths because they will make you feel restricted. If you are slender, opt for a regular fit dress shirt to avoid looking way too slim. If you can’t find formal attire that looks good on you, consider altering it to ensure you look on point from head to toes.

When it comes to casual attire, shop for long men t shirts with longer sleeves to ensure you are looking symmetrical and feeling comfortable. Long mens t shirts are easy to include in almost any outfit from business casual to streetwear and sporty style, under the condition they fit you well. Streetwear stores a great place to shop for long tees as they tend to carry a selection of baggy and looser fits.

Patterns clothing suit


Choose patterns that flatter your tall figure. Vertical stripes will visually elongate your body even more and make you slimmer. But this doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid stripes – it just means that you should be careful in order to make the right pick. For instance, tees with narrower lines instead of wide ones will look better on you. And the same goes for suits.

When it comes to prints, stick to the subtle side as well. Choose monochromatic patterns and colours that complement each other to avoid looking too overwhelming. This way you’ll stand out – but with style.


Learn the craft of layering to add depth and dimension to your outfit. Plus, layering is an easy way to create different outfits with just a few pieces of clothing. To create a flattering casual look, layer long men t shirts with shorter jackets. For formal occasions, you may want to wear an interesting west or a waistcoat with your suit to avoid a monotonous look that highlights your height. Consider double-breasted jackets as well since they have extra fabric.

Jeans and Pants

Jeans and Pants

If you are a big fan of jeans, choose a pair with minimal details and seamless stitching to avoid drawing attention to your long legs. Additionally, when it comes to pants, it is very important that they fit you properly. Pants that are too big will make you look saggy and on the other side, pants that are too small will make you look like a giant. The best way to make sure you get the right size is to feel the fabric smoothly falling on your legs. If you can’t feel it at all or it’s squeezing you too hard, that’s not your pair.


Shoes can make or break an entire outfit. If you have a slimmer silhouette, your shoes should reflect that as well. Choose an elegant pair with a sleek, narrow toe that will complement your style and add balance and proportion. But you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing bold shoes as well. Use shoes that have interesting textures and colours as the focal point of your outfit to shift the attention from your height. However, leave your garish kicks for a sporty outfit or streetwear combination.

A high-quality watch luxurious detail


This is where you can go really bold. A high-quality watch is a luxurious detail that can take your outfit to the next level. It simply makes all the difference in your look. Moreover, wearing a tasteful watch can improve the look of some t-shirts which have shorter sleeves. In any case, it is important to choose a watch that fits your larger wrists, but not big enough for everyone to check the time on it.

Depending on your body type, choose belts or suspenders to add details and make the most of your outfit. If you have a slender figure, opt for a belt to create a clean line and add a bit of bulk. If you are heavier, you can choose suspenders which run parallel with the body to achieve a slimmer look. Experiment with textures, colours and decorative belt buckles. They can make the plainest outfit fashionable.

If you want your outfit to include a tie, first make sure that it is long enough for your height and then, explore designs, patterns, colours and fabrics that make a statement. For instance, a red tie symbolizes power whereas a blue tie represents intelligence.

Final Advice

When building your wardrobe, invest in some plain clothing pieces that are easy to combine with each other. Have several different plain mens tall tees to layer them with a blazer, sports jacket or a hoodie. Get at least two pairs of dark denim jeans that can easily be part of both a business casual attire and streetwear. Owning a few dress shirts and a suit is a must even if you don’t wear formal clothing often. You just never know when a wedding invitation may come up. Remember, finding clothes that fit properly takes time if you are taller and you don’t want to go shopping for a special occasion last minute. When it comes to shoes, it is important to have a pair for every occasion. Buy all the sneakers that you want, but keep a pair or two of classy dress shoes around the house.