All About CNC Machining

CNC Machining Services

Computer Numerical Control or CNC has a huge impact on life as we know it due to the fact that it makes mass production possible. Quick and precise movements are words that sum up CNC machines and the way they work, however, below we will go more in depth as to help you understand this field better.

CNC Machining Services

History of CNC

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” A. Einstein

who when how?

The world is spinning too fast, technology is advancing with the speed of light. Just 40 years ago the way we created machines, manufactured parts is from today’s point of view – ancient. Numerical Control or NC was the predecessor of the CNC. The systems worked in such a way that the workers had to press to drill, change the unit, select the speed of rotation and activate the spindle. Computers nearly wiped everything that was attached to that process. Now you only need one operator on the computer and a person can do all of that from his work cabin. The introduction of computers into the modern industry created the computerized industrial revolution. The origins of CNC came shortly after the end of the Second World War as a result of the endless efforts of the aircraft industry to create more complex and adequate parts. John Parson was the fist to come up with the schematics of the CNC as a way to manufacture integrated thin covers for the airplanes that led to a lot of research projects where the CNC was only starting point. In the beginning, the predecessor of the CNC was heavily modified: the cross-slides, the table and controls were removed and a three speed hydraulic transmission was added and connected to the main screws.

How CNC works

It should go without saying that the manufacturing industry relies on millers, drillers and lathe to make us of CNC machining services. A CNC machine is made from a computer with installed program that calculates the metal drilling, milling and cutting. All the dimensions are already entered in the computer’s memory and the computer knows how to carry out the cutting process. The CNC machine has a lot of similarities with a robot as they are both programmed to follow instructions. The most common machine tools that can be integrated with a CNC are: lathe, drillers and millers. These machines are used to remove and shape metal. Generally CNC machines are operated by trained professionals who have background knowledge on how these machine work. When working with CNC machines, the need for human labor is reduced. The operator only needs to enter the instructions, reload the tools of the machine and the machine will do the rest of the work. You can find offers on many great CNC machining services online and quicken the pace of your production significantly.

Motion Control

Every CNC machine features two or more programming options regarding motion and they are called axes. They can be linear or rotary. To estimate if CNC is a complex machine or not, you will need to count the number of axes it has. The more axes it has, the more complex the system. Various accessories help operators through the way of programming axes.


Because of the CNC speed and precision of work these machines allow more of our products to be produced at a cheaper price. For the most part, CNC machining services include high-speed milling and turning used in the manufacturing of different metal and plastic parts needed for end-use applications.