Avid Campers Behold! There’s Newfound Confidence in Having It All


They say time camping isn’t spent – it’s invested! We all know how calming and beautiful nature it is and of how huge importance for our peace of mind spending some time in it can be. It has been proven that just by spending one night in nature, your stress levels can be significantly reduced. There have been many experiments done on students and office workers (groups of people that are considered to experience more stress). By spending two nights in nature, all of them have returned back to their daily routines with reduced stress levels, which in turn has led to a greater job satisfaction and overall excitement about their daily routines.


If you go camping only a couple of times a year, a tent will do just fine. In these cases, there will be certain limitations, such as restricted food options as you won’t have where to cook and will need to settle for food that comes in cans or it is pre-made. However, if you’re planning to spend some time in nature more often than just 2-3 times a year and want to do it the ultimate way, I would recommend investing in an RV.

Recreational vehicles take camping to a whole new level as you basically have an entire home with you and can travel wherever you please to explore the endless beauty of mother Earth. Recent researches that have been compiled by BDO, suggest that there are over 550,000 recreational vehicles in Australia and these numbers keep increasing.

RV’s don’t demand that you recreate the life of our predecessors. Meaning, you won’t have to light a fire in order to cook food as almost every RV allows you to have basically a full kitchen consisting of an RV gas cooktop, a fridge and a sink. An RV gas cooktop enables you to cook all kinds of food as long as you have the proper cookware. They have flame failure protection, Piezo ignition and most models come with a one year warranty. Furthermore, the fridge helps the food to stay fresh for a long time. RV’s are also awesome because you get to sleep in a bed, instead of sleeping in a bag on the ground.

The fact that you have a home on wheels is what makes the RV life so desirable by many travellers. With an RV gas cooktop, a fridge, sink, shower, and a bed, you’re all set. Some people choose it because they do not like the idea of being stuck in one place, some because they like to explore nature, while others choose it to pay off a debt. There are many reasons to choose the RV life, so what’s yours?