Back Country Cuisine MRE Food: Eat Healthy While Camping


Back Country Cuisine was born in 1998 in New Zealand with the purpose to create food that can be carried in a backpack without compromising on nutrition. Over the years, Back Country Cuisine has improved their food range, allowing you to stock and prepare it even when on a more extended camping trip. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, this brand can help you have your meal ready within minutes. All it takes is choosing the suitable freeze-dried food and getting on with your journey without worrying about staying full.

Where Is Back Country Cuisine Made?

All freeze-dried meals from this brand are made in New Zealand and are available in single and double serve meals.

What Is MRE Food and What Types of Standards Needs to Meet?

MRE (meal, ready-to-eat) food is a lightweight food packed in a plastic pouch for easier packaging. MRE is a standard type of pre-cooked, carefully packed, and sterilised food to be ready to eat for a long time. At first, this food was made for the military who trained and worked under challenging circumstances, but nowadays, more and more campers and hikers are taking advantage of it. In other words, this food is the perfect substitute for regular food when cooking is not an option.


Given that this food needs to last, it also has to meet higher standards:

  • Withstand under challenging conditions
  • Withstand outdoor storage
  • Withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • It has to have a 100% survival rate from a possible military cargo parachute drop
  • It has to have a 75% of survival rate in the event of an air cargo parachute drop

The truth is that there are many other standards that MRE food has to meet to be military safe. Consequently, this makes it appropriate for camping, hiking, hunting and boating since these conditions are certainly less severe than military conditions.

Benefits of Consuming BackCountry Cuisine MRE Food When Camping

A Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals

The most important thing we know about Back Country food is that it doesn’t compromise nutritional value. This means that Back Country food contains vitamins and minerals essential for keeping your body running while keeping your health in perfect condition. And since our bodies are incapable of producing natural nutrients, obtaining them from food is the ideal way to prevent you from being in deficit. Fortunately, every pack of this brand’s food has the needed dose of daily vitamin and nutrient intake, so you won’t have to worry about being deficient in some vitamin or mineral.


It Can Improve the Metabolism and Your Body’s Ability to Burn Fat

Given the fact that you’ll give your body the needed dose of vitamins and minerals, by doing this, you’ll also be helping it boost your metabolism. By choosing an MRE food high in protein, you can also improve your body’s ability to burn fat. As you can see, choosing a food like this can also help you get the best of both worlds – getting the benefits out of your meals without gaining weight. This is a dream coming true, especially for women. And if hiking, you may also come back home leaner and healthier.

It Can Provide You with Dietary Fibre

Since your body needs carbohydrates to function normally, the manufacturers have managed to incorporate large volumes of dietary fibres in MRE food. Some of them are hemicellulose, cellulose, pectin, gum and mucilage. Practice shows that MRE food can stock your body with soluble dietary fibres essential for healthy body functioning.


It Can Provide You with Metabolic Raw Materials

Science and medicine showed us that the body needs raw materials to form and maintain the skin, bones, and muscles. Luckily, you won’t compromise on this when camping or hiking, since MRE food contains a certain percentage of raw materials that can help your body and brain function properly. What’s more, these raw materials can also boost the immune system.

All in all, MRE food is an excellent choice in situations like this because it contains everything your body needs. It also requires less time to prepare since all you’ll have to do is add the required amount of water to the bag. You won’t even need to put the food in a container. Additionally, this food allows to be consumed both hot and cold, so this is another thing from which you can benefit significantly when on the go. As you can see, this food is convenient, practical and safe to use.