Bad Hair Day? Womens Hats to the Rescue!

wide brim hat

It’s easy in summer; you just wash your hair and leave the sun and the hot weather do the rest (as much as women can avoid frizz). But in winter, leaving the house even an hour after you’ve washed your hair is a recipe for catching a cold and headaches for an entire week. Plus, it simply doesn’t add to the entire winter ambiance; winter is a season where good hair style is a must, and bad hair days are spotted from kilometres. However, we’re not all ultra rich superstars with the only obligation to look good at all times, nor we all have that much of a budget. Which is why, bad hair days in winter will happen and our job is to hide them stylishly and efficiently.

Ladies, for those of you who never thought about it: the hat is not just a warm piece of accessory you wear on cold snowy days to protect your ears. It’s also a style-saver, which is a reason enough to go and buy womens hats possibly in more colours and designs. Here’s why and how.

Because bad hair suggests poor style care

You know how we look at women with bad hair in winter? Like they didn’t take a look at the mirror before they left the house. And yes, just because sometimes you’re in a hurry and you need to leave ASAP and we understand it, fashion-conscious people invented the hat as a reasonable way to hide the fact that you simply couldn’t take care of your hair. Just put it on leave – no one’s going to judge you. On the contrary, you’ll be seen as someone who takes care of her appearance, which is worthy of respect in the female world. I believe that’s more of a reason to buy womens hats, but still.

The classic: protect your hair, head and ears from the cold

Winter is a nice season with all the white idyll surrounding us, but as long as you’re enjoying it from the warm comfort of your home. Why? Because of the cold. The cold that constantly pinches your cheeks, dries your skin and brittles your hair, damages your ears and causes pain. Avoiding that cold is simple; just put on a nice woven hat to keep your head warm and enjoy winter! Careful though; that doesn’t mean you get to choose just about anything; make sure it’s a stylish hat that will go perfectly well with your outfits and more importantly, with the shape of your face.

How to choose the right hat for your face shape

Women with an oval face shape are considered to be the luckiest, since their face shape is considered to be most proportional and balanced. Wide brim hats are reserved for women with round faces. High-crown faces, asymmetrical styles and bulky options are all reserved for these women because they elongate the face a little. Triangular or heart-shaped faces should go for the tight-fitting hats, shawls and narrow brims, because wide brims can make the wide forehead look even wider. And women with sharper face lines or a more squared face, should go with brimmed hats which will soften their lines a little.

Bottom line is, every stylish woman should own at least one fancy hat and one beanie in her arsenal of accessories for clothes. Whether it’s for providing warmth in winter days, or just to accessorize, a hat is always a good idea, especially when your hair’s a mess and time is against you on scheduling a hair dressing appointment.