Benefits of Infrared Sauna: Lose Weight, Beat Stress and More!


After years of neglecting my health (staying up late and binging on junk food), it took a health scar to prove it to me that it’s time for a change. So, I started eating healthier and begun exercising three times a week. In less than 3 months, the results of my new lifestyle were so impressive they were hard to ignore (and so was my bragging about it). I had not only lost more than 5 kilograms of body, fat but also had more energy to complete my daily chores.

infrared sauna

This gave me the strength to stay on track and to also look for some new ways to improve my well-being. From super foods to detox juices, I tried a bit of everything. In this pursuit for different ways to improve health, I came across a new technology that promised to burn calories, remove toxins, lower blood pressure, alleviate aches and pains and even reverse aging, and all of that without having to move a muscle. Two words: infrared sauna. Naturally, I decided to give a try to the benefits of infrared sauna.

Similar to tanning beds, infrared saunas heat the body directly via infrared light. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air directly (making it difficult to breathe in some cases), infrared saunas heat the body directly, which causes the body’s core temperature to rise, producing a deep sweat at the cellular level. Within just a few seconds, my legs began to sweat like never before and within a few minutes, my entire body was one big, sweaty mess. But instead of feeling ‘gross’ like I usually do after running, I felt refreshed.

It’s hard to say whether my body received all the benefits of infrared sauna just from one session. However, I do want to try it again and I strongly believe that using it on a regular basis will help me feel all of its perks. A number of studies have examined the use of infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems and have reported evidence of the benefits. Overall, I did feel better after the session. The day after my appointment, my body felt much lighter, and I actually felt some relief from my usual aches and pains. I have to say that the experience was completely relaxing.

So, if you are a person who isn’t really a fan of massages but is looking to soothe sore muscles and relieve stress, I strongly recommend you to give infrared saunas a try. One session can lubricate and loosen your joints without the discomfort of having someone touching your body. I want to highlight that this type of sauna doesn’t get as nearly hot as the conventional ones, so you won’t experience that dizzy and out-of-breath feeling.

Rejuvenate your body by treating it with an infrared sauna session – you will surely feel more relaxed after you leave, and due to all the sweat, you might even see your number on the scale has dropped. It’s certainly worth the try!