The Best Galaxy S7 Cases to Buy in 2019


The old yet sleek design of the S7 sits at the forefront of Samsung’s design iterations. Samsung fans are hard to convince that there are cases that can still make an older galaxy model look fresh and be protected at the same time. If you are still rocking the S7 and you are more than happy with its performance, a solid, stylish case is all you’ll need to keep it in good shape. They may be a little hard to find but they still exist and you will find them at a much more affordable price.

LifeProof FRE

Often mistaken as a compatible version for the S7 Edge as well, this Samsung S7 Lifeproof case is commonly recommended by smartphone enthusiasts when looking for both style and protection in a case. Lifeproof’s FRE case is waterproof, snow proof, drop proof and dirt proof while it provides you with unobstructed access to every button and port, without distorting the sound, clarity, and quality of the speakers. This time around, the case is thinner than ever without the loss of its ultimate protection, has a built-in scratch protector which is almost invisible and an anti-reflective optical glass lens to make sure you get crystal clear photos. Plus, it is very compatible with the device’s cable.

Vena vCommute

Its unique rugged design which doubles as a wallet on the back side is what makes the vCommute a compact and functional case. It has a bumper, a shell that’s made out of TPU and a PC which provides the necessary protection and space needed for the back slot. If you are in a hurry or need to take out a little bit of change, you won’t have to open it all the way. The case is made in a way that allows the magnetic flap of the wallet to open in a three-tiered way, which means that you can open the back in three different levels. Also, the space inside is big enough to store up to three cards.

Samsung sView

Samsung’s own flip cover case is also very popular and design-friendly, because of the cases’ well-sized display opening. While it doesn’t provide as much protection as the Samsung S7 Lifeproof case, its unique feature enables users to preview texts, accept or decline calls and open up the camera without turning on the display. All you need to do is clip your phone inside the bumper, enable NFC, and then just fold the cover.

Moshi Iglaze Napa

Similar to the Samsung S7 Lifeproof case, Moshi’s Iglaze Napa combines looks and protection, but what separates them from Lifeproof’s case is what’s on the inside. In the core of this case is a flexible layer that extends to the front of the screen to help absorb impact, while it also provides you with a bit of free space around the openings of the ports and button covers. The frame is made out of tough polycarbonate, put together with a faux leather back cover which is available in black and brown. The bottom of the case is branded with the Moshi logo on a metallic-style strip which does not deter the level of comfort when holding it.