Boost Your Baby’s Brain Development with Toys

Newborn Toys

By now, we all know the importance of educational toys in children lives. They are not only just another way to keep them occupied, but these toys also play an important part in the child’s development, helping them develop some of the most basic and essential skills. The truth is that age-appropriate toys are beneficial for every child, even for babies and newborns. Until you know it, your baby will be able to hold his head, sit on its own and even crawl. Exploring the environment is the first thing they do since day one, and with the right toys, you can help him develop some essential skills.

When to Introduce Toys to Newborn?

Newborn Toys

During the first month, your baby has a fuzzy vision, seeing only light, shapes and movement. Your little one will be able to see objects that are no farther than 20cm from their eyes, which means that placing a toy closer to them is best. And since your baby’s hearing is well developed since day one, you can invest in a noisy newborn toy with sounds or a rattle toy. You can introduce your baby to age-appropriate, soft and eye-catching newborn toys during tummy time. That way, they will be able to notice the toy, improving their sight while also helping them to hold their neck, head and core.

Since this is the period when only the visual and hearing skills are developed, you should stop wondering ‘what toys should I buy for my newborn’. During this period, you can choose visually appealing newborn toys that have lots of bright colours. Slowly but surely your baby will start noticing their colours, shapes, sounds and even textures, helping them develop their cognitive, creative and social development skills. In one way or another, your baby will start ‘talking’ to the toys, making funny sounds and facial expressions. They will also try to grab them which is also important for their development.

Some babies can have a tooth by the time they are 2 or 3 months old, which means investing in a rattle toy that also has a teether part is a good idea as it can help them soothe their sore gummies. An important thing to keep in mind when choosing toys of any kind is your baby’s safety. When buying age-appropriate baby toys, you should look for ones that are durable, with no sharp edges and ones that are made of non-toxic materials. And since babies start putting everything in their mouth around the 3rd month, you should also make sure that the chosen toys are safe for chewing.

Features to Look for in Baby Toys

Baby Toys

As we mentioned, toys with sound as well as bright coloured toys with high-contrast patterns are a must during the first month of your baby’s life. Once they are 2-3 months old, you can opt for toys that move. During this stage, your baby will start noticing the movement of things as their eyesight will be more developed. In fact, these toys can contribute to the further development of their eyesight, which means you should not neglect their importance.

Dangling toys are the perfect choice from about three months and up until babies can sit up on their own. Reaching for them even when laying down can help your baby develop their grasping skills which is also an essential part of the child’s development process.

Once your baby is between five and six months old, they will be able to hold things in their hands. During these months, you can introduce them to toys and books made of fabric with different textures. These toys are great for exploring, as they can feel the soft and scrunchy parts of the toys.

Important Piece of Information

Newborn Toys

When in the search for rattling toys, besides the basic ones, you can choose ones that have textured rubber patches to help the little hands have a better grip. That way they will be able to hold the toy in their hands. Besides choosing brightly coloured toys, you should also choose high-contrast ones like black and white for instance. You can choose from a large selection of multi-sensory soft cubes, triangles and balls that come in a range of bright and high-contrast colours to help improve your baby’s sight and hearing.

Choosing toys with little baby-safe mirrors (no glass) on them can be great to develop their vision while making tummy time funnier and long-lasting. Baby crib mobile music boxes are also a must for babies. With around forty minutes of music and several genres to choose from, these toys make crib and nap time more relaxing and soothing. Available in different shapes and sizes and with different features like lights and animals, you can easily find an appealing and soothing piece for your little bundle of joy.