Bottoms Up: Reasons You Need a Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

stainless steel insulated tumbler

If you are a fellow who enjoys drinking beverages at the right temperature, then you shouldn’t think twice before getting a stainless steel insulated tumbler. A well-designed insulated tumbler will not only save you money in the long run but also minimise unnecessary waste, thus benefitting the environment. It’s also easier to clean and easier to drink from than standard insulated vessels. Sip comfortably and in style as you get to enjoy drinks at the right temperature, year-round.

Easy to Drink From

The accessibility of a tumbler is one of the main reasons why you should definitely look to make this upgrade over your standard thermal mug. Well-designed insulated tumblers come with an easy access lid that allows you to pick it up and drink, without having to unscrew or tamper with any openings. Some models also come with stainless steel straws to make drinking more fun. Considering that a stainless steel straw is also reusable, a cleaning kit is also provided with these tumblers to keep the straw in tip-top condition and minimises replacements.

stainless tumblers

BPA Free & Non-Toxic

You’ve probably heard the dangers of BPA (bisphenol A). This chemical compound used to manufacture certain plastic water bottles is known to disrupt the endocrine function in humans and animals. Studies have also suggested a link between BPA and reproductive issues in fertile women. This has led many countries to ban the substance. However, despite this, the FDA still considers BPA safe and allows it to be used in the manufacturing of plastic water bottles.

So, if you continue to use plastic, you could be causing seriously damaging your health over time. Opting for stainless steel is a great way to avoid BPA, as this chemical isn’t used in the manufacturing of stainless steel. This means that with a stainless steel insulated tumbler you will be keeping your body safe from potentially harmful substances.

Easy to Clean

Let’s be honest – nobody likes to wash dishes. To make this chore easy, most modern insulated tumblers come with an 80mm to 90mm diameter opening. Unlike thermally insulated bottles with a small bottleneck opening, you can simply stick your hand with a sanitized sponge , and clean away.

stainless insulated tumbler

Fits Big Ice Cubes

There is nothing more refreshing than a thirst-quenching chilled drink to keep you hydrated on a hot sunny day. If you’ve only got a thermal goose-neck bottle, you may not be able to fit the standard ice cube in the opening. Put your drink in a non-insulated cup and you will end up with melted ice cubes at a very quick rate, which will dilute your drink and reduce the quality that you should be expecting.

However, insulated tumblers come with a large opening to fit ice cubes (and many of them) while keeping the ice intact and locking in the temperature. While some ice will melt in the process of chilling the room-temperature liquid, once the temperature is stabilised and hits its lowest point possible, you can expect some chilled, thirst-quenching beverages that can be enjoyed slowly through the day.

No Condensation

Non-insulate single wall plastic bottles or glass cup tend to sweat on the outside when you put cold beverages on them. A well-designed insulated double wall tumbler won’t produce any condensation and leave those pesky water rings.around. The science behind condensation on cold drinks is simple – the chilled beverage cools the air around the exterior of the cup, bottle or flask, and turns water vapour in the air into water drops. The double-wall feature keeps the chilled temperature inside the tumbler, preventing it to cool the atmosphere around it, hence preventing any form of condensation.

stainless insulated tumbler

Great for All Seasons

When it’s hot, all you want is to cool down with a chilled beer, or an iced drink, iced tea, or simply iced water. But when it is cold, you want to warm up with hot cocoa, tea or coffee. The most remarkable characteristic of an insulated tumbler is the impenetrable insulation it offers. Although there are other forms of insulation, such as foam, air, plastic, etc, the most reliable and best temperature retention technology is currently stainless steel double-wall insulation.

This type of insulation eliminates temperature change by creating an almost perfect vacuum space or air-less lock between the inner and outer stainless steel walls. There is also an inner copper-plated wall that helps add an extra layer to the insulation system. By locking in the temperature of your beverage, you’ll get more out of your drink to the very last sip. You’ll definitely find more enjoyment in your beverage and won’t wast as much.

I’m sure you have (at least once) accidentally left your beer out and returned to find it no longer cold and no longer appealing. Instead, an insulated tumbler can keep it cold throughout the day and there is definitely no reason to throw your drink away.