Tired of the plain look of your white walls? Wishing there was a way to bring that natural stone look that you so much love to your living room, or a way to add that chic hardwood paneling that you’ve been dreaming for years to your dining room? Newsflash – there is. Presenting, textured-effect wallpapers.

Being such a design phenomenon during the 50s through the 80s, wallpaper has also become a huge trend in the interior design world over the past few years with evolved and adapted new designs. Nowadays, you can find wallpapers featuring everything from graphic patterns in various colours and natural-looking faux effects, to photographic wall mural. Here are some examples of textured wallpapers that can take your interior design to a whole new level.

Faux Brick Wallpaper Textured


There are various realistic faux brick wallpaper textured choices available out there for you to choose from. The one from the picture is Lime washed brick wallpaper from Kemra. As you can see, it effectively depicts a washed brick wall and helps create a country style wall.

Reclaimed Wood Panel Effect Faux Wallpaper


To make your dream of having a chic hardwood paneling in your dining room come true, you can use this reclaimed wood panel effect faux wallpaper gives. It will help you create the impression you want while basically making no great efforts.

Vision Brick Effect Wallpaper


This slate wallpaper features a dark and moody feel that is perfect for creating a contemporary interior design. So, if you’re into more modern spaces, you certainly know what your choice should be.

Cement Paneling


This light gray cement paneling wallpaper is very simple in design. It works wonderfully well with industrial interior design schemes: think wooden furniture combined with metal accessories.

It is more than obvious that when shopping for textured wallpaper you will come across a wide range of designs. Take your time to examine each one of them carefully and select the ones you love the most. This will help narrow down your options for the ideal one for your interior style. If possible, ask the vendor for a sample. Having the wallpaper in your home will give you a chance to see if it goes well with the rest of the items in the room (such as the furniture, curtains, rugs, etc.) and make sure that it is the look you wanted to achieve in the first place.