Breathe Life into Your Interior Décor with Modern Contemporary Style


modern contemporary furniture

So much to do, so little time. I believe this sentence describes the lifestyles of most people nowadays, so how does one make some time enough to go through the day without feeling overwhelmed? Whenever I’d mention I could barely finish off every task of my schedule, thinking how much more there is left for me to do, my grandma would say “so buy yourself some time”. As much as I admire all the wisdom the elderly have accumulated through the years, and how readily they seem to share it, I’d often shrug it off thinking what does she mean by that time purchasing advice? I would buy it if I could! Her kind words went by without me giving them much thought, that is, until one day, as I was struggling to keep myself productive while working at home, I realised the importance of interior design and how it influences the subconscious.

Not only was my interior decorated with rather depressing hues, but the furniture didn’t seem to be that functional either. We can say that was the turning point that made me think of the beauty of minimalism, which is why, instead of the previous traditional style, I opted for a blend of modern and contemporary. Goodbye large, bulky pieces of furniture, hello compactness and simplicity! Though modern and contemporary are often used interchangeably, they aren’t exactly the same; contemporary refers to what is being created now (which can consist of past styles as well) and modern is the one connected with the 20s through 50s of the previous century, so modern is part of contemporary. I made use of technology, got online, found the modern contemporary furniture pieces my home was missing, and what do you know, along with buying the pieces I so needed, I bought myself some time as well thanks to the low maintenance this furniture requires.

Surprisingly, the impact it created was my interior got spacious, the atmosphere steered towards openness which affected my mind positively as I got rid of the clutter, not to even mention my openness to all kinds of new ideas work related so my productiveness was boosted and I got more leisure time at hand. The clean simple lines of modern contemporary furniture designs made my living area feel comfortable and homely. Part of the comfort lies in the natural materials that are used in the making of these designs, and the other part is in their colours. Though I appreciate the brightness of having an all-white home, I still decided to go for the warmth of wood in the end, choosing solid timber dining table set, coffee table and bedside tables. I broke the monotony of wood with the use of colourful cushions and a round shaped rug with a detailed texture so it detracted part of the focus away from the coffee table and sofa.

I took the decorating process up a notch and went for an even more open space by connecting the kitchen with the dining room – best decision I ever made. Family gatherings over tasty meals now seem more delightful and whenever I want to get the visual impact of a wall, I just use the charm of my six panel wooden room divider. I can say I finally understood my grandma’s advice, finding myself with more time for my simple pleasures of life, such as reading books and taking walks, besides enjoying my eye-catching interior décor. Have you considered buying yourself some time?