Clothes for Little Girls: What’s New, What’s Comfy, What’s Cute

clothes for little girls

We all want the best for our little ones and that is no different when buying clothes. While yes, comfort always comes first, many mommies put emphasis on style as well. The good thing is, there is a truly wide range of top quality and stylish toddler and baby girl clothes.

Sure, leggings and cotton tops will always be the first things that come to people’s mind when they think about comfortable clothing, but they aren’t commonly passed down as they get ruined quickly. To upgrade your little girl’s closet, you can opt for a few charming pieces that will last and make your heart flutter.

Pinny for the Charming Winner

denim pinny for little girl
You probably know big of a difference a versatile piece of clothing can make in your outfits and can jazz up your closet. The same applies to your little girl. A denim pinny is just that – a wardrobe staple that can easily be transited as seasons change.

Pinny dresses are very comfortable and practical infant girl clothes – soft denim is perfectly breathable for warm summer days when you’re out and about. You can style it in many different ways. Pair it with any of her short-sleeved tops and white footwear and you’ll get a casual yet insanely adorable look. Add a jumper underneath it when it gets chilly outside to create a sophisticated layered outfit. Long sleeve pastel or striped tops, fun tights (choices are endless) and girl booties are all great choices for creating cute and easy outfits.

Make sure you choose a denim pinny with the right fit. Look at the size chart of the brand you’re buying from and always keep in mind to pick one or half a size larger. Your girl grows bigger every day, plus, some pieces may run small – sometimes 6-month-old babies can perfectly fit into size 9-12 months.

Denim is primarily made of cotton and is known as a very strong and durable material. Plus, it is very easy to maintain. A denim pinny won’t require frequent washing – just once or twice a month. For best results, hand wash it with a mild liquid detergent. To save time, you can also machine wash it on a cold setting.

A Broderie Dress to Impress

a borderie dree for little gurl

Another summer baby girl staple – an embroidery dress is a very romantic, lightweight and effortless choice, a match made for sunny days. With its floral patterns, Embroidery Anglaise mimics the look of nature – nothing can beat its loveliness. Made of lightweight cotton with a comfortable loose fit, broderie dresses can be worn time and time again.

Although white and pastels remain a favourite, girls also love pieces. Think shades of peach, pink, and violet. Whatever colour you choose for your daughter, she’ll definitely look like a boho girl. From wearing it for her everyday activities to adventures for a lasting memory, this timeless dress is an awesome addition to any girl’s wardrobe.

Cargo Pants for Urban Comfort

cargo pants for girls

Not all girls love wearing princess outfits all the time. Some feel better in pants. Especially when taking a walk in the park, or around the town, cargo pants can be your girl’s best pal. Usually designed with a wide elasticated waistband and bottom hems, these pieces of toddler and infant girl clothes provide the much-needed comfort.

Made of cotton, the best breathable clothing fabric, cargo pants are sure to keep little bodies cool in the summer heat. Save a pair for long play hours and rest assured that you’re dressing up your little girl in only the best pieces.

A Soft Bunny Coat

a soft bunny coat for baby girls

When the colder temperatures start sweeping in, it’s time to make sure your girl is prepared for winter. Is there anything cosier than a faux fur coat? Many fashion trends come and go, but faux fur is always in. This piece will be your little girl’s loyal companion during the winter season.

Stylish and luxurious, faux fur coats are soft and warm. They are super snug thanks to their soft lining and close up to the chin to keep the warmth in. Make it her statement winter piece by picking one with a bunny-ear adorned hood, and know that your mini-me will be begging you to wear it any time she goes out. Paired with lace dresses on special days, this coat will make her look like a real star.

A Starlet Dress for Formal Events

a dress for formal events

The simple, yet elegant design makes starlet dresses timeless. With a high rounded neckline and details such as a large featured bow on the waistline, this princess-like dress is classy and made to impress. This pleated dress will surely make your little girl stand out at any big event. It’s ideal for formal occasions like weddings, birthday parties and other get-togethers.

Pastel shades like ocean blue or light blue are lovely inspirations for all little girls to look angelic and adorable. A plain colour of this dress can be easily spruced up with subtle hints of prints added through footwear, a hat or a bag.