Dance Audition: Oozing Unique Grace During Your Performance


If you are a dancer preparing for an audition that might mean a new turn in your dream career, or a lesson to take into consideration, depending on the result, I’m sure there’s one thing on your mind almost constantly: How do I stand out? Well, let’s learn a thing or two by analyzing something that never had problems impressing people – The Black Swan.

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What makes the dance scenes in The Black Swan when Nina is already seduced by the darkness so memorable? The choreography? – Yes, it plays a vital role. Every movement contributes to the viewers understanding the story and sympathizing with the character, bit that’s not all… The music? – Undeniably yes. Without it, any message the movements try to convey would be 10 times weaker. But once more, that’s not all. There’s something uniquely attractive about this particular performance, something classic and timeless – the title says it all. It’s black. And black is the only new black you need in order to stand out on your dance audition.

But there will be so many other dancers wearing black, you say. Yes, but they’ll only use the colour and go with some extremely tight and overly revealing costumes cause that’s what these modern times consider trendy. I bet even you too have done it at some point – you’ve browsed through the many dance costumes online Australia stores offer, and you failed to give a second look to that classic ballerina dress in black. Now, of course, the style of the dance number you are preparing has a lot to do whether this look will serve its purpose right or hinder you success.

If your performance requires something completely different, but you still want a piece of useful advise on how to be more noticeable, when choosing yours from the various dance costumes online Australia stores have on offer, make sure you go for something simpler. Less is more is a mantra that has never failed artists, so choosing a costume that reveals less skin will help you leave the impression that what you are are planning to reveal is talent. No distractions and no cheap tricks.

Finally, regardless of the dance costume style you choose, make sure it has adjustable straps if it’s a dress, and if it’s something that’s going to cling to your skin completely, make sure the material is comfortable enough. The last thing you want is to feel itchy right before it’s your turn to shine.

Good luck