Diuretic Supplements: Stay on Top of Your Exercise Game

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Well, you’re officially well on your way to becoming ripped and bulky, aren’t you? You’re ready to make frequent visits to the gym, follow a strict diet and supplement regimen and take on some seriously tough forms of exercise. Now on the surface, it looks like a pretty clear-cut path, you do all those things to eventually get what you want. But it’s not always that simple. Not everyone gains lean mass and gets well-defined abs at the same pace. Sometimes it may take months or even years to get to where you want to be.

These days, it’s not a secret that bodybuilders use diuretics to achieve a drier, more defined physique. This is especially the case when they have a competition or photoshoot. So if you’re looking to skip a few steps and appear more toned than you actually are, then powerful diuretic foods are the place to start.

Most people’s focus is on regulating amino acid supplements but diuretics shouldn’t be overlooked either. You may or may not be familiar with the concept of diuretics at this point but either way, we’ll let you in on the basics of this revolutionary bodybuilding supplement.

What Are Diuretics?

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In medical terms, diuretics are used to increase the amount of water and salt through urination. So basically, they make you pee more to get rid of all the fluids and fully tone your muscles. Sometimes, they’re used as a prescription medication to treat certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. However, when it comes to bodybuilding, their main purpose is to make all your muscles look more prominent by getting rid of any extra amounts of liquid in the body. It sounds a little daunting but with proper instructions on how to use it, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run into any kind of trouble.

What Is an Effective Natural Diuretic?

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Of course, you don’t have to go straight to pills if you’re feeling a bit hesitant. Trying out natural diuretic foods can actually help your body get used to it. Certain herbs, like dandelion, ginger and parsley, have a great diuretic effect and can help reduce water retention within the body. However, make sure to talk to a medical practitioner before implementing any supplements into your diet. What works for other people may not work so well for you and vice versa.

What Are the Different Types of Diuretics?

There are three main types of diuretic supplements you can use, including osmotic, potassium-sprang and loop diuretics. Each one has its own specific advantages so let’s take a quick peek into what they can be.

Osmotic Diuretics

These injectable diuretic supplements are somewhat avoided in the bodybuilding community since they’re supposed to remove any and all liquids that reach the kidneys, paying no mind to proper electrolyte balance. The bad thing here is that you’ll be losing fluids that are actually beneficial for your body and this can, in extreme cases, lead to complications and kidney failure. Bottom line is – be careful about the choice of supplements you decide to use since making the wrong choice can have consequences on your overall health.

Potassium-Sprang Diuretics

These types of diuretics are also meant to flush out all fluids from the body apart from, you guessed it, potassium. Their effect is somewhat milder and more tolerable because they need more time to kick in once they’ve entered your body. In any case, they help maintain proper electrolyte levels by retaining crucial amounts of potassium. These electrolytes are quite useful when it comes to ample hydration and cramp-free muscle contraction. In some cases, they can even help treat irregular heartbeats and encourage blood flow, both of which are beneficial for muscle growth.

Loop Diuretics

Loop diuretics are the most commonly used among the bodybuilding community, mainly because they’re cheap and it’s easy to get your hands on them. Much like osmotic diuretics, they flush out potassium, calcium as well as any type of bodily fluid that enters the kidneys. The results themselves can be seen almost immediately as your muscles start to become more prominent and your lean body mass takes centre stage. In the medical world, these are some of the most common ways to treat high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Do Diuretics Help You Lose Weight?

Well, technically, yes and no. You do lose water weight but that’s only temporary as you’ll quickly regain all those lost fluids. In the long run, it doesn’t really help you burn fat. In other words, you won’t be experiencing any significant drops in weight while using them. Sure, you may appear more lean and lanky, but that’s only because most fluids have been drained from your body.

Benefits of Using Diuretics

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First and foremost, diuretics help you achieve a toned and well-defined physique unlike any other supplement on the market. While this effect may be short-lived, it can help you leave a good impression at competitions or photoshoots. In addition, high levels of sodium in your body aren’t that beneficial either. By taking diuretic foods, you reduce its amounts within your bloodstream and lower the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Word of advice – start using diuretics slowly, at least until you see what kind of effect they have on your body. Take it in moderation and don’t overdo it since that might lead to dehydration and other health complications.