Four Easily Overlooked Car Maintenance Chores

wheel bearing and hub assembling

If you are used to driving your car and if you did this for some time now, then you have probably learned by now how it works. You can read the signs it gives you like it is your own body. So, you know when it is time to change the oil or when the motor stops purring in its usual way.

But sometimes, there can be faults that do not leave any easily visible or audible signs but which can be expensive to fix or even endanger your life when on the road. That being said, it’s prudent to start being more elaborate when checking the state of your car. Here are some of the most easily overlooked car maintenance chores and tips on how to properly deal with them.

Keep an Eye on the Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

Wheel hubs are one of the obscure parts of a car that suffer a great deal of wear during day to day driving. Making sure your wheel hub assembly is in good condition is way more important than making your windscreens squeaky clean. Beware that unkempt bearings lead to loss of steering control, loss of wheel alignment, or even loss of the wheels while driving.

 wheel hub bearing

Wheel bearings are the most critical components of your vehicle’s driveline and precaution has to be taken always. If you notice that your wheel hub bearing is rusty, worn out or has any other sign of damage, it’s time to invest in a brand new aftermarket wheel bearing and hub assembly. This is not just any part of your car. Please make sure you buy your hub bearing from an authorized dealer.

When you buy a car wheel hub check the serial number to make sure you have the exact bearings that your vehicle needs. Or at least that they are compatible with the model you drive. Nowadays it’s easy to compare the existing parts with the new parts that you are buying.

Also, check the type of warranty that comes with the part. Deals that offer 2 year warranty (and/or 35000 km or more) are a good sign you are on the right track. And do study the remaining info on the warranty. Some warranties serve to protect you against faulty materials and workmanship, however, they only apply if the part was assembled by an experienced car service team. If you try to fit a wheel bearing hub assembly on your own you might lose the warranty. Damage by misuse or improper installation, or something along those lines, is the clause you need to look out for.

Change All of the Air Filters in Your Car

All cars are fitted with air filters. Some have only an air filter for the engine, while others have one for the cabin as well. They are cheap, easy to change and not a lot of hassle, however they are also easily overlooked. Probably this is because owners rarely see them as something vital for the performance of the vehicle.

car air filters

In fact, regular filter replacement will preserve your car’s core systems and extend their service life. On the other hand, preventing in-car pollution will serve to improve the overall driving experience.

Regular Replacement of the Transmission Fluid

Motor oil is not the only fluid in your car that requires proper maintenance. Transmission fluid is not as apparent, and the vehicle might function well without even checking this fluid for years on end. However, there are easy and accessible ways to assess whether this fluid was contaminated.

oil replacement

Red fluid leaks from your vehicle are one of the first signs that your transmission fluid is due for replacement. Others include knocking sounds when you change gear. And any grinding noise that has to do with gears.

Hopefully, the condition of your car is not to the point where the issues become obvious. Check the transmission filter to have a clearer picture. The next step is to check the level of transmission fluid. There is a transmission fluid dipstick (similar to the oil dipstick) and it should be located in the rear of the engine. Consult your owner’s manual to see what is the baseline measure you need to compare your fluid level with.

Inspect Battery Terminals for Corrosion and Wear

Typical drivers will not spend much of their time dealing with the car battery. But the number one issue with batteries is – if they are not in shape they can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

battery inspecting

Does your motor start every time you turn the ignition key? If this is not the case then you should probably take a look at the battery. Even if only one of the connections there is loose, it will impair the overall function. So, make sure the connections are tight. If your battery terminal has some weird foam than you have a corroded battery on your hands. You can relieve the issue by cleaning up the terminals. And if this does not do the trick, you might want to consider changing the battery altogether.