plastic self watering planter

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a beautiful garden, right? We’ve started becoming more aware of the benefits of gardening, so it’s a hobby suitable for everyone too.

Besides the plants we get to plant can be just what we need to add curb appeal to our homes, beautify the place with natural scents, and even serve as our own grocery supplies (that’s how one gets passionate about organic living).

plastic self watering planters

I’m one of those who has always loved gardening, however, I don’t have the area big enough to create a garden in the size that I want, so what I’m left with is container gardening.

Now, as I’ve learned over the years, this kind of gardening is appealing because of the ease of controlling the soil environment, yet it’s more difficult to get a hold of watering, as either overwatering or not watering enough can damage the whole plants. At least I found it difficult until I found out about the ingenious plastic self watering planters.

It’s thanks to this type of planters that urban gardening has turned into such a trend. Not only do they come in various sizes, but in various designs too, like those suitable for creating vertical gardens on walls, balcony-friendly ones, as well as those perfect for tight spaces.

And of course, as it is in their name, plastic self watering planters are ideal for giving you a hand with watering. What I love about them is you can cultivate whatever you want, as they have enough soil depth and volume, so I’ve successfully grown herbs, fruits, and veggies by now. Yes, there’s room for some flowers too!

The planters being easy to carry, sometimes I change the plants’ location, mostly depending on the season and how much of the warmth they need. I get to save on water as it doesn’t evaporate from the reservoir (meaning these planters are ideal for particularly dry climates).

It’s thanks to the timely indication that I grow my own fresh produce without worrying about messing up since I fill up as soon as I see the water level is low. There’s no more serial plant killing since the integrated self-watering system allows the plants to take the amount of water they need, when they need it.

This allows for healthy root growth as well, which is difficult with other planters because there’s either shallow watering so not enough water gets to the roots, or too much deep watering causing root rotting.

As you can guess by now, I highly recommend self-watering planters for anyone taking up gardening. A worthy investment you’re going to love!