Getting An Appropriate Nitrogen Generator For Your Enterprise


There are so many industries that use compressed gas and nitrogen generators. Nitrogen generators are a very economical choice for many businesses and business owners. The problem that most business owners have is choosing the right sized generator and knowing which one would benefit them the most. Of course, most places that sell nitrogen generators will have experts on hand to help you get the best recommendation for your business. There are some factors that you need to keep in mind and we will go over them below.

The first is the expiration date, this is something most people don’t think about. If your business is using bulk liquid nitrogen, liquid dewars, or high pressure cylinders then you should be looking for a nitrogen generator Australia wide. You should always look for when your contract will expire – this will vary depending on the supplier, but you should always keep that in mind and adjust the contract to your liking.

The next thing for you to consider is the flow rate. One of the most critical questions you should be asking yourself is if it is high usage or low usage when you are choosing the right source for your nitrogen generation. You will need to determine just how many nitrogen cylinders your business will go through in an hour. You need to ask your supplier or expert to explain the mathematics to you if you are unsure.


Purity is another thing you should be thinking about, and by purity I mean you should know how much oxygen the nitrogen process can handle. This is another thing that can easily be determined by talking to a professional or supplier. If you have personnel working with you and handling the nitrogen this is something they should know. The more oxygen that it will allow means that you will not spend as much acquiring a generator which means more savings for you and your business.

Pressure is important and you must determine how much pressure of nitrogen you will need to be using. Most businesses usually run at around less than 100 pounds per square inch gauge. This isn’t set in stone and is sometimes run lower if used for blanketing. If you are unsure about what pressure to use a professional can help you or reach out to someone who has a similar business to yours.

You should also consider the availability of compressed air, if it is available you have to know the compressed air pressure. This is so you are able to choose the best nitrogen generators for your company. It is also important that you know if your system or the system you choose has an air dryer.

Last but not least you must think about the location of where you want to place the generator. If you decide to place it outside you must consider the weather and climate and all the outside elements the generator will be exposed to, if you decide on having it indoors you must know the temperatures that will surround the generator. If you are unsure of how to find a supplier or someone to talk to you can easily search for nitrogen generators Australia wide and find the closest supplier to you.