Everything Guys Need to Know when Buying Jeans


Many guys think they do not look good in jeans. But in reality, it’s the other way around. It’s the jeans that don’t look good on the guy. Just look around next time you’re on the streets. You’ll see a ton of men wearing jeans that don’t fit them properly. And often, you’re that guy too. But is finding the right pair of jeans really all that difficult?

Well, the reason many men and women spend their lives in ill-fitting denim is that they do not know what to look for. When you’re aware of what types of jeans (and other clothes) look good on you, shopping gets so much easier. With that being, here’s a quick guide on how to find that perfect pair of jeans.

naked and famous denim

Find the Right Fit

If you went shopping for jeans, you’ve noticed that they have labels like skinny, relaxed or loose. These labels are there for a reason – to let you know which fit works for your body type. For instance, if you’re thin from top to bottom, the jeans that look best on you are either slim or regular fit. Relaxed and loose jeans will be too roomy, creating a sloppy appearance.

If you have a slim waist but larger hips and legs, you may want to wear loose, regular or relaxed fits like the Weird Guy jeans from the popular Naked and Famous denim range. If your upper body is a lot bigger and you have a reverse-triangle shape, focus your search on either regular or relaxed fit that will create balance. And if you’re plus-size, relaxed or loose jeans are a good choice. Avoid skinny jeans at all costs even if they come in plus-size.

Don’t Stretch Your Nerves

Like any clothing piece, jeans should also allow you to move freely. However, denim by itself is a very rigid material that can feel very constricting. In order for the jeans to feel more comfortable, make sure that they include some added stretch – but not too much! As a general rule, jeans made of 2% lycra will allow you some extra movement.

Colour Me Right

Jeans can come in a variety of washes to choose from. Dark blue washes are always the most versatile option and look flattering on all body types. Other safe bets are dark grey and black – in other words, everything dark. In the summer, you can also experiment with lighter hues as long as they look good on you.

Rise and Shine

And finally, there’s also the most overlooked feature of the jeans – the rise. Most men do not pay much attention to how high their jeans are because they wear them with a T-shirt on top. However, the rise does affect how polished the jeans look on you. In most cases, you should be considering a mid to low rise, like for instance the Naked and Famous denim selection. Keep away from jeans that come near your belly button and those that expose your pelvic bones.