Hedge Trimmers Buying Guide: Keep Your Lawn Looking Sharp and Crisp


Many people have hedges in their garden to provide security and privacy, plus hedges can look amazing when they are all neat and tidy. However, keeping them looking nice requires a fair amount of maintenance. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to trim rows of shrubs and bushes is with a good hedge trimmer. A high-quality hedge trimmer will allow you to perform a clean, even cut, giving your hedges a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

Buy Hedge Trimmers

But before deciding to buy hedge trimmers, it is important that you take the time to understand the different models available as well as different features that can enhance your trimming experience.

Gas vs. Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are lightweight, economical and easy to start-up. They are also quieter than gas trimmers and since they don’t require fuel, there is no emission. They are ideal for small-and medium-sized lawns, but depending on the size of your yard, an extension cord may be necessary. With electric hedge trimmers, more amps mean more cutting power, a factor to consider when choosing electric models. There are also electric hedge trimmers that are cordless. While they are easily portable, they are not as powerful as corded models and may not handle larger, tough jobs.

Gas hedge trimmers are powerful tools that cut faster and can be used in damp weather. They are easily portable and are ideal for large lawns and demanding commercial applications. However, they tend to be heavier than electric models and require a larger up-front investment.

Blade Side

Trimmer blades are flat metal plates with teeth lining the edges. When looking to buy hedge trimmers, the size of the blade the model comes with is another factor to consider as it will help ensure precise cuts as well proper balance. Trimmer blade sizes range from around 13 to 40” and the distance between the blade teeth (blade gap) is what determines the size of the branch it can cut. Commercial grade trimmers often have a blade gap of 1” or more while trimmers designed for residential use have a 3/8 to ¾”.

Trimmer blades can also be single or double sided. Single-sided blades are considered safer as you can ensure the teeth are cutting away from your body but double-sided blades are often preferred by users as they cut in both directions allowing a more efficient work.


Before you select a hedge trimmer model, there are some features you may want to consider as to increase safety. For example, to reduce the possibility of an accident some models prevent power coming to the blade as soon as you release the trigger. Dual switches require two-handed operation, which ensures safe operation. Tooth extensions help prevent your legs and other parts of your body from coming into contact with the teeth, minimizing the chances of getting cut.

There are also features that allow you to customize your tool to meet your exact needs. If you opt for a cordless electric hedge trimmer, getting an extra battery pack will provide you extended runtime to perform larger jobs. To increase the versatility of your tool there are some kits that allow you to convert your trimmer into a string trimmer, patio broom or another useful device you may need.