Help Your Plants Thrive in Durable & Protective Concrete Pots

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Your flowers deserve to grow and thrive in spacious and beautifully-designed pots. Luckily, you can find a range of gorgeous plant pots on the market in different colours, shapes, sizes and materials. Every material, however, has a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. We did our research and found that concrete pots are the obvious winner. Here’s why.

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Why Pick Concrete Pots?

First of all, a concrete pot is not too expensive and can be a great décorative detail. Concrete planters are practical for larger plants that need strong support from the wind. Sure, these pots are not as cheap as plastic ones but are eco-friendly and won’t pollute the environment.

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Concrete pot is heavier than most, which is a great option if you want the pot to stand still (excellent for homes with playful pets and kids). This way you know that no one will move it, or steal it.


This is a strong material that lasts long, which we cannot say for plastic or wood planters. No matter how much you water the soil, it will not damage the concrete (it won’t rot or become breakable over time). Sun is also impotent when it comes to concrete’s durability. Rain and snow cannot damage it as well.

How Are They Made?

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A concrete pot is made with two moulds (inner and exterior). Concrete foundation (the same used for building homes) is poured into the two moulds, that comes in two different shapes (the inner mould has traditional pot shape, while the exterior can have various decorations). When the concrete is poured in the bigger mould, then the smaller one is placed on top of it and pressed it down. In case there are voids, then extra concrete is added.


Concrete does not have to stay in its boring grey colour. It can be painted in any colour you like. Its advantage comes in the fact that the external mould can be in any shape you like. It can have decorative effects (flowers, stars, you name it). If you are more into simpler designs, you can always go for a natural, classical look. Even if your pot was monochromatic without any decorative elements, you can always add things on your own such as mosaic tiles, rhinestones, draw something or simply re-paint it.


These pots are stable and heavy, so they are quite hard to be knocked over. This makes them excellent for balconies, but also for larger plants in your home or backyard (even a lawnmower cannot overturn them). Their durability makes them a good choice if you don’t want to invest in new pots frequently.

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Concrete plant pots come in various sizes and colours; the added colour in the concrete will not fade over time (sun and water won’t damage it). Concrete planters can be handmade, which makes them one-of-a-kind. If you want your plant to live a long and healthy life, concrete is the right choice. It will not ruin the roots when the temperatures change.


Their weight can be a problem for some people. The larger the pot, the heavier it would for moving, so you will have to leave it where it is. If you place it on your balcony, you will have to think of the weight load (too heavy pots can break the fence). Compared to plastic, for example, it can be quite pricey.

The material is porous and can become stained with mineral salts, mosses or lime. Also, the manufacture of these pots is not quite environment-friendly.

Difference Between Concrete and Dry Cast

Concrete and dry cast stone pots are quite similar. Their similarity lies in terms of advantages and function, but there are differences when it comes to their economic and aesthetic features. Dry stone pots are usually handcrafted and have a higher price, while concrete models are mass-produced and more affordable.


If you have large plants, you would need a larger pot so their roots can grow freely (the root determines the health and lifespan of the plant). Although you can find pots made of various materials (plastic, terracotta, wood) in various sizes, they might not be suitable for large plants. Big roots can break the pot. This will not happen if the pot is made of a durable and strong material such as concrete.

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But, you don’t have to have large plants. Perhaps, you want to plant several smaller plants in once pot; a large and durable concrete pot would give them enough space, without creating mess and crowd in the roots.


Concrete is a thick material. This means that a high temperature would not affect the plant’s root. If you paint it the pot in a lighter colour, it would not absorb heat at all. If your plants are placed in a sunny area of your balcony or backyard, then a concrete pot would do miracles for the temperature regulation.

Things To Consider

Keep in mind that concrete is a porous material. This means the soil inside such pots would dry faster than in other containers. To prevent this, you would have to seal the inner surface with a waterproof concrete sealant. If that is not an option for you, you will have to water your plants regularly. Also, many of these pots have no draining holes; make sure you make one before you put the plant in. Before purchasing your pot, bear in mind that it would become even heavier when you add the soil and the plant. Plan the location of your plant accordingly, so if later you want to move it, you won’t have to call people to help you lift it.

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In the end, it is up to your preferences and budget. Have fun while picking your next pots and chose the ones that would be a great “home” for your plants.