How to Improve the Condition of Your Hair (and Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again)


You picked out your best outfit and put on your make-up flawlessly and then there is your hair looking all messy and wild like you’ve just come back from a long ride on a motorcycle… This is a scenario that many women have found themselves in. After all, we all have a bad hair day when it seems like our hair has its own attitude and decides to be as stubborn as can be. However, when bad hair days become the norm, this is a clear sign that your hair’s ‘reckless attitude’ might be a cry for attention. The truth is that without proper care and maintenance, even the most beautiful natural locks can become messy and dry. On the other hand, using the right natural hair products can tame even the wildest hair.

Before we go through some natural hair products that can give your hair a healthy boost, let’s take a look at the different hair textures since the type of texture determines how much damage your hair can actually put up with. The kind of hair texture you have depends on how thick or thin your hair strands are. All types of hair, whether curly or straight, can be divided (based on thickness) into three types of hair texture: fine, medium, and thick.

  1. Fine hair
  • The texture or fine hair consists of a cuticle and a cortex. This means it has just two hair structures and is quite fragile and therefore more susceptible to damage than both medium and thick hair. An interesting fact about fine hair is that it looks almost transparent when illuminated by bright sunlight.

2. Medium hair

  • Just like fine texture, medium hair texture is usually made from the two main hair structures: the cuticle and the cortex. However, it can often include a medulla layer as well. It’s a bit thicker than fine hair, so it doesn’t get damaged as easily.

3. Thick Hair

  • Heavy and rough – these are the key features of thick hair, which is the least susceptible to damage out of all the three hair textures. What makes thick hair so strong is its construction which includes all three hair layers: the cortex, the cuticle and the medulla.

While they differ in strength and appearance, all hair textures require adequate care to remain healthy and shiny. Using natural hair products in the form of organic oils is one of the best ways to restore the beauty and strength of your hair. Coconut and argan are very useful when it comes to natural hair care routine. With its ability to deeply moisturise and nourish, coconut oil can be the ideal choice for improving the texture of your hair. Argan oil is a great source of vitamin A, C and E, all while being rich in antioxidants. With regular use, it can boost the heath of your hair, make it stronger and less prone to damage. Due to its high concentration of essential nutrients, argan oil is commonly used for treating dry and brittle hair.