New at Hunting: Things to Know


New at hunting? Don’t worry, much like any other hobby, it’s one that you can get good at the more you practice, as it’s said practice makes perfect which means the more you learn about it and the more you experience are both crucial to be able to count on a successful hunt.

Know Your Prey

First things first, it’s important to know the game. You have to get all the info about the animal it is you’re hunting, the eating habits, whether it’s most active during the day or at night and find out how it reacts to the surroundings and detects danger.

Hunting Bag Pray

This last one is especially essential when you have to take care of camouflage. Though there are hunters who don’t find it necessary, it’s still an important aspect if you want to conceal your shape and get closer to the animals.

Mind you, though, what works for ducks and geese won’t work with deer mostly because deer don’t rely as much on sight as they do with smell and sound. Still, there’s no question you need to acquire everything in camouflage, from clothing and boots (preferably rubber as it doesn’t absorb scent) to the accessories like hunting bags, balaclava, hats and gloves.

After all it’s the outdoors, you’re going to be in the middle of animals’ natural habitat, a territory unfamiliar to you, and you have to do your best to remain unnoticed so you can keep them in sight and then make your move, advancing quietly.

Also, with accessories like the hunting bags you get plenty of storage for your essentials like snacks, water (lots of water!), tools, some extra clothing in case the weather changes and accessories like binoculars, scent eliminators and decoys.

Know Your Terrain

Same as with the prey, you can’t simply decide to go hunting in an area without first carrying out some research about it. This refers to finding info online, reading books as much as going to the sight yourself to check it out and inquire locals. Not every terrain is the same, this is especially important to have in mind because there are various options of camo patterns.

Likewise, the season you go hunting has a say in the choice you make of the camouflage same way as the time of day; For instance, what serves for summer won’t serve for winter or early spring with the landscape all white.