Important Details for Planning a Lovely Beach Wedding


Who knows how many people around the world dream of having a wedding reception on the beach, but making that dream come true would also mean arranging a long distance travel for themselves and all of their guests. We as Aussies are lucky enough to be surrounded by water, which makes seeing such plan through a lot more convenient. That being said, if you are thinking about joining forces with the natural beauty of the ocean to make your special day even more special, here are the three most important steps to consider.


The most important step for planning this type of wedding, an aspect on which all else depends is organizing the permit which needs to be issued by the Council. All this means is that you will be considered a prioritized user of that area for the day. No other events will occur during your wedding ceremony, although you might expect other people to simply be in that area at that time. However, as it usually occurs with this type of ceremonies, people quickly notice that there’s a private event going on and they go on minding their own business elsewhere. Setting up your space with chairs, parasols and an arch or altar will not only make the already gorgeous beachside more beautiful, but it can also help you communicate to all people in that area that you have something special going on there.

wedding altar


Joining forces with nature usually comes hand in hand with having to abide by nature’s rules. The beachside is not the most easily predictable environment and the last thing you need is to set yourself up for a disaster after so much planning of other details. In order to avoid high tide, make sure that you check the tide chart. The problem with high tide is that the water will take up a significant portion of your planned space whereas low tide means that you’ll need to send someone prior to the ceremony to check if there’s some derbis and clean it up. Also, remember that the sun is going to be your most important source of light, if not the only one, so make sure you don’t schedule the beginning of your ceremony too close to sunset time. The sun’s position can also become an annoyance if you don’t plan ahead how to position your guests right.

wedding beach


Apart from the beauty of the natural surroundings, another thing that attracts everyone to the idea of beach weddings is the relaxed atmosphere. Stiletto heels, socks and shoes are out of the picture so you need to think about providing wedding sandals for everyone. There is the option of telling people that the dress code won’t be of the usual formal wedding type, but that might not be enough. By having sand friendly wedding sandals ready for everyone, your guests can have more freedom when it comes to the dress code and they can switch shoes whenever they feel like it.
Finally, make a point to leave the little spot on the coastline where your magical day took place just as you found it! You can ask a few trusted friends to leave the spot last and make certain that no rubbish is left behind and everything you brought is packed up.

wedding sandals