Kids’ Balance Board: What Every Parent Needs to Know

balance board

Although it seems rather natural to you, balance is a skill that requires time to develop. It probably took you a couple hundred falls before you got it right. And hey, some of us still have trouble walking a few meters without randomly tripping. Having spent most of my life with injured knees, I now wish my parents and teachers have paid more attention to developing my balance skill than in teaching me the multiplication table.

Luckily today, educators, doctors, physiotherapists, and parents across the globe have noticed the importance of coordinating and balancing movement. This has brought on an explosion in the popularity of balance boards which are a type of wooden toy designed to help young children develop their reflexes, rhythm, coordination and spatial awareness skills. It’s essentially a one-piece curved board on which kids can simulate skateboard or surfing moves. Which means, a kids wooden balance board is not only good for sensory and balance development but can also be lots of fun!

Balance boards are more necessary than ever! As a result of our computer-centred society, many children are not exposed to running and jumping as much as previous generations. Not only does spending the day slumped over a tablet prevent the child from getting enough physical activity, it also puts them in a hunched over position which is damaging to their posture. A kids wooden balance board is a recommended solution to correct postural issues. With frequent use, it can lengthen the spine and improve core strength which in turn helps the child attain a natural position with the back straight and the shoulders pulled back.

Another benefit of balance training with a board is that it can help kids learn more effectively. The fact that children’s attention span is becoming shorter has made it difficult for them to pay attention on a subject in class. Thanks to a balance board, the child learns how to stay in the moment and focus to stay upright by keeping the mind and body in tune. The challenge aspect of staying upright on the board also helps children develop a healthy competitive spirit, essentially competing against the board.

And finally, let’s not forget that children consider the balance board to be a toy and will love the endless play opportunities this board can create. Whether used for balancing, lying in it, sitting on it, or use it as a rocking chair – there are many ways your kid can experience joy on this board.