Kids Rooms: Creating an Artsy and Organised Space

Kids room

We all remember those childhood days with joy, wanting to have the chance to go back in time and relive them. Part of those memories are the rooms, of course, those places of heaven, where all the magic happened.

Now, since time-travelling isn’t possible (yet), as parents we get that lucky opportunity to relive those joyful days through our kids, and as I mentioned the room is the magical place, it’s up to us to make it all the more enjoyable for our kids, help them create such long-lasting memories themselves by arranging their rooms with care and affection.

There’s no better way to start than by securing the adequate bed, right? If you want to make the most of it, it’s best to get one that grows with your kids, i.e. is adjustable, and can serve for years to come. Beds can serve as art too when you choose some colourful and artistic bed frame, and bedding.

Speaking of art, every kid has a natural talent at drawing, developing more skills through creativity, and making crafts, and as a parent it’s your job to encourage more of it. That can be by getting the adequate wooden table and chairs for children where they can paint and mould plasticine into all their hearts desire, making the walls a wide canvas by painting them with chalkboard paint, or even letting them help with the wall decoration, painting stars over it with glowing additive paint in the dark.

The last is especially helpful when you want to teach them to look forward to turning off the lights at night, so they wouldn’t worry about the dark, or sleeping on their own. You can turn every corner into a fun one and boost their self-esteem by creating a special place on the wall where you can hang their art. It’s also important to make the most of every corner turning it into a place for more games, like the addition of a tepee, or engage them to get more physically active by bringing in slides.

Furnishings like wooden table and chairs for children, and pieces like wardrobes, toyboxes, and drawers can be functional not only in the sense of storage, and bringing some vividness into the rooms, but as the aces up your sleeve when you want to teach your kids the valuable lessons on developing organising skills, letting them help with tidying up, arranging the space neatly.

And that sums it up, a kids’ room has to be the area that encourages all the creativity, by being the magical place where they can engage in all the fun and games, but it also has to be the place where learning happens – that essential learning that would be of use to them further in the life of grown-ups.