Kitchen Flooring: Boost Your Cooking Comfort With Laminate


As much as I love cooking tasty dishes, I absolutely detest having to clean up the aftermath of all the food spills all over the counter and the floor, especially the floor. Not long ago, I discovered the almost perfect solution when it comes to kitchen flooring options available on the market – laminate. The reason why kitchen laminate is much better in almost every case than other options, is that it is water repellant, stain and scratch resistant, and the best part of it all is that it can be cleaned in a snap.

Kitchen Laminate

Did I mention that installing it is a piece of cake? Yeah, it’s like putting together a puzzle, pretty much anyone can do it. It comes in tiles which can be put together on top of your current flooring, and the entire process can take up just a couple of hours, provided that you have all the necessities at hand.

According to Hello Webz, once installed, all a kitchen laminate needs in order to be preserved in a perfect state is occasional damp cloth mopping or some vacuuming. This is an extremely important feature since it’s going to be subject to much dirt and spills from all the cooking done in the kitchen.

Besides being extremely easy to clean, laminate is also very durable; it can withstand heavy traffic and you won’t have to worry about pets’ or kids’ pitter-patter. Moreover, it is moisture resistant and extremely functional, just adding to the claim that it’s the best type of flooring for the kitchen. The soft underfoot it provides makes walking barefoot painless and extremely comfortable.

Best of all, it doesn’t look cheap, even though it won’t cost you a fortune. Plus, its appearance can mimic any type of flooring. With the manufacturing technologies of laminate improving significantly, today we can witness laminate floors looking just like ceramic tile floors. Such a floor can be a great quick fix for a worn-down floor and a tight budget.

The tile look laminate can come in a wide plethora of earthy neutrals which offer a original look. Or you can go for a wood-like look which can be in a variety of colours – from white to black. The textures can be extremely realistic, given that the laminate is manufactured by a quality company. Furthermore, you won’t fall short when it comes to choosing the shape, as you can decide between plants, strips or tiles which can be installed in various orientations to get an authentic look.