Listing the Best Ballet Tutu Online Stores to Shop From


For beginner dancers, the ballet tutu is a piece of dreamy equipment and is something that they’ve been daydreaming of wearing from the moment they knew what ballet was. So yes, if you know a little girl that takes ballet classes, giving her a ballet tutu or just a tulle dancing skirt will make her float on Cloud 9. If your little one has expressed an interest in ballet or already takes classes, you should know that you will need quite a few things to make this experience as dreamy and pleasant as she imagines it to be.

Walk around the local mall and you will come across a variety of choices of tutus, however, what you will also realize is how expensive they are. And I know how you want to buy more than one of these cute pieces of clothing for your girl, so if that’s your case, your best bet is to go online and find the best fits for her there. Shopping a ballet tutu online is a pretty straightforward process. Just find a reputable brand that you like, choose your little girl’s favorite colour, find the right size and just buy it. You will have it delivered straight to your doorstep in a couple of days. Here are some good stores that you should consider buying a ballet tutu online from.

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Dance Store – This is your one-stop-shop for everything ballerinas adore. The Dance Store is Australia’s largest online dance clothing store and it is your best bet if you are looking for high-quality dance equipment, including tap shoes, jazz shoes, and dancewear. It is located in Brisbane and services every discipline there is within the realm of dance. They offer the highest level of customer service and ship Australia-wide.

Class Act Tutu – These offer a great range of tutu styles and bodice that will match the tutu of your choice. Everything that you can find on this website has been handmade, so quality is one of the strongest assets of this store. They offer a wide variety of colours and are always trying to add more styles to their collection to make your shopping experience much more enjoyable. – On this website, you can find and order anything from an unembellished, low-cost, pre-made tutus, to full costumes with custom-made bodices and lots of embellishments for your girl’s tutus when performing on stage. However, as much cheap their unembellished tutus may be, the custom-made ones that have quite a few ornaments on them may go as high as a couple of hundreds of dollars