Listing the Important Things to Consider When Buying Toyota Hilux Side Bars


A vehicle as big as a Hilux isn’t always going to be kid-friendly or as easily accessible for older people as a Prius is. For this very reason, all you’ll need is a pair of running bars or nerf bars that will help you or someone that drives with you, to get in the vehicle more easily. Mounting them will also protect your vehicle from getting damaged by all the things that are being propelled by the tires. Some would say that this is entirely a personal choice but there are other things that you’ll need to consider in order to get the most out of your running bars.

side steps


The material of the bar itself is not the only material to pay attention to as the side step material is also important for ensuring a good grip and stability when entering the vehicle. The build material that Toyota Hilux side bars are typically made from is either steel or aluminium. Steel side bars are very strong and rigid, however, they add more weight due to their heavy-duty nature which leads to poor gas mileage. On the other hand, aluminium Toyota Hilux side bars are known to improve gas mileage due to their light weight, however, they don’t provide enough protection and stability.

With step pads, there is no particular material that you should be looking for, just make sure you go for ones that are thick and wide enough so that you don’t miss them every time you step on the bar. Also, make sure they provide enough friction, so you don’t slip during rainy days, or when there’s a build-up of mud on them.

Length & Shape

The length of Toyota Hilux side bars can be either from wheel-to-wheel or just covering the length of the cab. If you are going with cab length then you should get nerf bars, but if you want to have ones that will cover the entire space between the two tires, then go with running bars. The shape, or rather the width of running bars, is going to be determined by their length, but with nerf bars, you’ll have to choose between oval or round-shaped bars between 5cm and 15cm.

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Coating (Finish)

There are two types of coatings that are used on side bars nowadays and those are either a shiny chrome coating or a matte black one. The chrome coating best fits steel bars, while the matte black goes well with aluminium ones. The coating is important as it keeps the bars from corroding and protects them from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which in fact makes them more durable.