Listing the Main Elements You Need to Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Traditional Modern Bathroom

Taking a long, hot bath or shower before going to work is a real pleasure that can make a world of difference in your day. Since your bathroom is used by all family members and it is the part of your home where you get ready to start and end your day, it’s worth investing in it. From simple updates like new lighting fixtures to tie the place together to bigger elements such as a vanity and bathtub, creating the bathroom of your dreams can be a piece of cake with the right plan.

Before beginning with your project, decide how much you are willing to spend. Focus on the bath products you need the most. Determine your style and design and create a wish list. Visit the local and online home improvement stores to become familiar with what is available on the market. Then, contact a professional on the matter to discuss the realization time of your project. Hiring professional services may be more costly initially, but it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Running the risk of poorly installing pipes, lighting or outlets is just not worth the bucks you’d save by doing it on your own.

Play with Tiles

Use tiles to cover the floor, walls and even the ceiling if you want to. Besides being very aesthetically appealing, tiles are also durable and will last for years to come. You can mix and match models in different colours for a refreshed look. There are various different tones and patterns to choose from to get the desired effect. For example, stone designed tiles installed on your shower walls will create an earthy look. Or, they can be used to create an eye-catchy geometric shape to make this space more dramatic. Don’t be afraid to play with colours. Black tiles are a classic choice and an easy way to make a statement. These look more luxurious and go well with most bath products.

Embrace the Beauty of Bathtubs

Taking a long hot bath is the perfect way to relax and detox your body and mind. If your space allows it, by all means, go ahead and install one. These bath fittings can be the perfect style statement that adds massive zen appeal. You can find everything from cooper high-lipped bowls that ooze luxury, to ultra-modern freestanding baths and simple built-in models.

Make a Statement with the Right Vanity

First and most, consider the size and placement of the unit. Consider potential obstacles in the room that may block the vanity, such as the direction in which the door and the show door open, as well as where your toilet will be placed. You should be able to freely move in your bathroom and not constantly having to worry about hitting your toe from something. As for the style of vanities, traditional models usually have plenty of storage and they stand right on the floor. On the other hang, wall-hanged units create a sleeker and cleaner look, while also saving floor space. Consider your needs and choose pieces that are both functional and suit your taste.


Often overlooked when choosing bathtubs and vanities, in the last couple of years, tapware has stepped into the spotlight to play a major role in the look and feel of the bathroom. Although small in size, the right choice of bath tapware can be a powerful design element. When buying, consider the overall style of the room and your preferences and choose accordingly. Do you want something contemporary and sleek or you want pieces that will make a bold statement? The shape of the tapware also plays a role in the overall feel of the bathroom, so browse the different models online and buy the ones that suit your style.

The Aesthetic Power of the Mirror

This will probably be one of the last items you choose for your bathroom, so keep in mind that not every mirror works well with every style. For example, for a traditional bathroom, find something simple and bigger. For that final finishing modern touch, consider a decorative wall mirror or one in an unusual shape. Size is of great essence here, so make sure you measure the available space a few time before purchasing the mirror.

Planning ahead as well as choosing quality elements is the winning combination when it comes to designing your dream bathroom. Browse the internet to find inspiration and keep up with the latest trends.