Listing the Most Effective Living Room Lighting Ideas


What’s the point of working hard on your living room’s design if you don’t add that final touch that will shed light on it? Yes, lighting is one of the most essential elements in a room that has the power to impact how details look – from the unique art of your rugs to the specific colour of the accent wall. This is one of the main reasons why you should plan your lighting design early and think about all the lighting sources you will need to achieve the desired effect.

light fixture stores

If you still don’t have any ideas as to what kind of lighting you want your living room to have, then visiting a couple of popular light fixture stores is a great step. That way you may get inspired to add wall lights over the sofa for reading or decide that you want to go with an eye-catching chandelier that will cast light and style on the entire room. Now let’s take a look at some cool and effective living room lighting ideas to help you take your lighting to the next level.

The Perfect Pair

Once the sun goes down you may need a bit of extra light and this is where table lamps work wonders both for the style of the room and from the aspect of practicality. And they work even better in pairs. Place matching table lamps on side tables or on either side of a console table to add a sense of symmetry and balance to your living room.

The Centerpiece

It doesn’t matter if you go for a modern pendant light or a romantic chandelier, a striking light fixture is the way to go if you want to instantly add interest to the room. Visit your favorite light fixture stores and browse for the hottest trends to create an outstanding focal point. You can also install a dimmer so that you are able to control the level of brightness and set the ambiance.

Emphasize Your Art

If you are a proud owner of some cool pieces of artwork, then your art collection deserves to be displayed and showcased with pride. There is a variety of options to light up your art, such as track lighting, ceiling-mounted accent lights, picture lights, wall washers and similar.

Mix It Up

A great lighting scheme consists of a number of light sources that are scattered at different levels of the room. You can add layers of light that come from different fixtures that can be used either separately or together.