Listing the Reasons Why You Should Swap You Chair for an Exercise Ball


Exercise balls are a common sight in yoga studios, pilates and fitness gyms. But what seems to be more exciting is that they have recently been adopted in office settings in the role of a seating chair. Apparently, there are many benefits you can reap once you make the switch. Let’s look at some.

exercise ball chair

Normal office chairs are notorious for negatively impacting your posture. But when you decide to make the switch and buy exercise ball chair your body will automatically form a better posture once you begin using it. That’s because the exercise ball is not stable so you need to put more effort into actively balancing. Your body will constantly be making small adjustments with the muscles, thus leading to a more active sitting, rather than just slouching or slumping awkwardly into your office chair. Moreover, while moving around and being active you will feel more energized, work faster and more accurately.

Another great benefit you can reap when you buy exercise ball chair is that it will be easier for you to sneak in some exercises. Sitting for a long 8 hours on a traditional chair can cause discomfort and fatigue which may discourage you from stretching and just lead to more slouching. With an exercise ball chair, on the other hand, you’ll already feel energized and fatigue free, so standing up and doing some exercises will come more naturally. Or you can do the exercise while sitting too.

exercise ball chairs

In addition, just by sitting on the exercise ball, your body will be forced to use the abdominal muscles to help compensate for the constant changes in balance, so while working, you’ll be getting a low-key abdominal workout. This may not seem like a lot at a first glance, but considering the number of hours you spend in front of the computer, those hours can build up, leading to a strengthening of the ab muscles.

Also, it’s very obvious that sitting on an unstable surface can help you improve your sense of balance. This can result in a better overall balance that can be observed even outside the office. Using the ball chair can also help with keeping the blood flowing to all body parts throughout the day.

Finally, apart from all the benefits mentioned above, most of us would agree that bouncing around on an exercise ball can be quite exciting and bring a spark of fun into your day.