MacBook SSD Is the Best Upgrade to Give an Older Mac a Boost


If you own an older MacBook, and it’s beginning to run slower and slower as time goes buy, you’re probably thinking about replacing it. However, purchasing a new MacBook is an expensive investment, and you might be budget limited at the moment. So what’s the alternative solution? Replacing some old parts can significantly improve its performance of your MacBook. Extra memory, for instance, is always useful to add, if you haven’t filled up all your slots yet. Nevertheless, the biggest enhancement comes with the addition of a SSD. An additional MacBook SSD will speed up your computer in several ways:

  • Quicker boot times
  • Almost instant launch of applications
  • Opening and saving documents without delay
  • Improved copying and pasting speeds
  • An overall faster system

With the amount of brands available, the process of picking out the correct SSD can be quite intimidating, so here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to buy a MacBook SSD.



Most SSD cards use a SATA interface, but not all of them use the most recent version. SATA I transfers data at 1.5 gbps, SATA II transfers data at 3.0 gbps, and SATA III transfers data at 6.0 gbps. You have to make sure the SSD you purchase is compatible with SATA III to ensure quick data transfer. You also have to make sure that your computer is SATA III compatible because if it’s not, it will not make most use out of the SSD card you purchase.

High Maximum Speed

The maximum write speed of a SSD card is around 300 mbps and the maximum read speed is around 400 mbps. Having slightly higher or lower read or write speeds won’t make much of a difference.

Multi-Level Cell vs Single-Level Cell

There are two types of SSD memory: single-level cell and multi-level cell. The main difference is that the multi-level cell memory cards can store more information on each cell. The advantage of this is a cheaper production.

All SSDs are fast in comparison to HDDs, but if you intend to spend a lot of money on a storage that will provide less space, you need to make sure you pick one of the best. You also want a reliable and durable piece of hardware, since you will be paying a good chunk of money for it. Hopefully, after reading this article you won’t feel as confused and overwhelmed when it comes to all the different specs and types of SSD cards you can buy to upgrade your MacBook.