Men & Socks: Here’s Why Bamboo Rocks!


I love that men are paying more attention to their looks than ever before. Even if that means bumping into dozens of men buns and lumberjack beards every day. Because when you compare today’s popular trends with the frosted tip highlights from a decade ago, the change is 100% for the better. Guys have finally started grooming themselves from top to bottom; And finally, more eye candy for us women!

Unfortunately, the one area they still fail to pay enough attention on is feet. Or more precisely, what they choose to put on them. And I’m not talking about shoes, I’m talking about something that goes way deeper – socks. No matter how attractive you might be, my mood will instantly go down if you take your shoes off only to showcase your ugly, smelly socks. So, unless you’re the prime minister of Canada, I bet you could use some tips on socks – and why bamboo socks are the ones to rule them all!

Walk With Greater Comfort

Sometimes your shoes are not the reason your feet are developing sores and rashes. Many times the real culprit is bad socks, especially the ones made of synthetic fabrics. Cheap synthetic socks consist of rough fibres which chafe the skin by continuously rubbing on it. Natural materials. on the other hand, have softer fibres which do not cause skin abrasions. Especially bamboo which besides being wonderfully smooth and soft, also supplies gentle cushioning that feels like you’re walking on thick carpet. Bamboo socks for men who are standing for the most part of the day will help them feel as comfortable as possible.

Not too Hot, nor too Cold – Just Right

Wearing socks in the middle of summer can feel as though your feet are burning in hell. But how else could you possibly wear your favourite pair of Converse? Bamboo is a material that has the amazing ability to adapt to temperature, keeping your skin refreshingly cool when it’s hot, but also maintaining it warm when temperatures drop. And since guys love to wear their sneakers all day, every day, regardless whether it’s winter or summer, bamboo socks for men can really help them get through extreme temperatures with ease.

Keep Feet Dry and Odour Free

When you’re wearing shoes all day long, your feet tend to sweat a lot. And with no way to let them dry, all that moisture builds up, which creates the perfect conditions for fungal infections to develop. But thanks to the hollow structure of the fibres, bamboo is an incredibly moisture-absorbent material which helps keep feet pleasantly dry. Besides being able to quickly wick moisture away from the feet, bamboo socks can also eliminate bad odour. Because of the natural anti-bacterial agent called “bamboo kun”, bamboo socks can eliminate over 70% of bacteria. Since we know that bad body odour is caused by bacteria, preventing it from building up on the skin helps drastically reduce that bad foot odour. Finally, you can rest your feet up on the coffee table without your partner making a big deal out of it!