Micromobility by Electrical Means: Different Types of E-Skateboards & Similar Gadgets


Micromobility by electrically powered means is a big trend, no doubt about that. And we can expect it to probably remain so for a while. So, if you’re considering joining this trend by getting an electric skateboard or something similar to that, this short review of the available options is for you.

The first step in your decision-making process should be to consider your needs and the environment where you’ll use the thing. Is this the way you want to get from your home to a big transportation hub (like a metro or a train station)? Additionally, consider what is the distance you expect to cover each day, both ways. What are the roads and paths like? Is top speed an important issue for you, or you just want to get to your destination on time? And last, but not least: are you interested in doing stunts and tricks with it?

Having a clear answer to these questions can make it easier to determine which of the following options in the electric micromobility range is right for you.


These are the most typical electric skateboards. But don’t let their iconic appeal and small size fool you – you will need some skills to maneuver them with success. It is nothing that can’t be learned. However, if you are a novice simply don’t expect to master this board immediately after jumping on it.

Being the smallest and lightest e-board has its advantages too. As a result, it’s the electric skateboard Australia commuters love the most. If you need a board to commute to work or to your college campus, high school, a shortboard will allow you to sneak past traffic without any problem. Plus. it’s way easier to carry them around in one arm when compared to all the other e-means.electric skateboard australia

There is a micro version out there known as a penny board. Both pennies and shortboards are cheaper than the other e-boards (less material goes into producing them), while you don’t sacrifice much in terms of top speed and range.


These are the e-boards that are best for beginners. They are slightly longer, which contributes to greater control during rides. You will feel like you are surfing the sidewalk.

Longboards offer the greatest stability due to their bigger decks and softer wheels. Riding them along the asphalt with cracks and bumps will quickly teach you the importance of stability. They are slightly more bulky to carry around, their price is a bit higher and the top speed and range are on par with the rest of the boards.best-electronic-longboard

Off Road/All Terrain/Hybrid

You can not ride a kick skateboard along a dirt road. Nor can you take that same board across gravel. The two elements that make this feat possible are the massive off-road wheels and the motor. It is not uncommon for all-terrain electric skateboards to have proper pneumatic tires instead of polyurethane wheels. As far as motors are concerned, they come in pairs. So you will have a two-wheel drive, the skateboard equivalent of a four-wheel drive for off-road vehicles.

But these boards are not made to exclusively roam off-road. With a good skate tool the right kit and few tweaks, you can convert them to commuter boards. And vice-versa – your commuting e-board can become an all-terrain beast during the weekends. It is what one can call a hybrid electric board.


Skateboards (the electric kind) are not your only option. You can also choose one of the slick e-scooters. They are practically thin two-wheeled skateboards with a handlebar. Don’t let the slim deck fool you, they can be on par with all these other beasts without dropping a beat.

Those on the high end easily reach up to 40 km/h, which is impressive. As with all the other e-means, this depends on the specific configuration. They are chosen by many because having a firm grip on a handle while riding them is preferable to just balancing with your body.e-scooter


This one is straight. It is a bicycle with an electric motor. The feature that makes them a bicycle and not a motorcycle is the fact they still need to be pedalled. They are very similar to the classical bike, so some choose them because they are more comfortable with riding a bike as opposed to all the other options.

Electric Unicycle

It is no secret that the desire to stand out on the streets can be a motivation to get an electrical gadget for transportation. The electric unicycle is a perfect example of this. You are guaranteed to turn some heads while riding this thing, and it will remain so, at least for some time.

Electric unicycles are built to offer unique trip experiences in urban and in off-road settings. They have a thick pneumatic tire that allows stable ride over packed dirt, levelled pavement, bumps and slopes. It is exceptional the way this gadget handles water and wet conditions. With its IP54 rating it is far ahead of your regular e-skateboard. And it might be the reason why some electric skateboard Australia users turn to unicycles.

You would think they are restricted in range and speed. Quite the opposite is true as they reach up to 45km/h, and if fully charged they can take you 90 kilometres away. Impressive, don’t you think?electric-unicycle

One Wheel E-Board

A one-wheel e-board is super-lightweight and provides all-season snowboarding like experience while you rush for the commute. And not just that, you can tackle any terrain on it. It sports durable impact resistant bumpers that protect your board from hazards. Intelligent sensors under the front footpad control the activation. Top speed is 30 km/h and the range is 20-30 kilometres.


Just when you think reality can’t get any more Jetsons-like – there are the e-skates. Today you can just buy them, pick them up and learn. Balancing seems to be on everybody’s mind and that is why these things are equipped with self-balancing technology. You can, in fact, put them on and just ride without any practice

If you grab good quality e-skates they will most probably be built from one-piece alloy body that their total weight under 4kgs. They are very easy to carry around, regardless of your destination. Ride time is 45 minutes, and top speed 12 km/h. Not bad for skates that propels themselves forward.