Modern Living Rooms: Where Casual Comfort Reigns


modern ottoman

When it comes to home design styles, there’s no doubt that modernism and minimalism wear the crown. The time of over-furnished living rooms and bedrooms is slowly but surely coming to an end (thank goodness for that). Many people nowadays opt for modern interior design precisely because it offers simplicity, functionality, and casual comfort. In case you want to welcome this powerful trio into your living room, here’s what you should pay attention to when planning and executing the decoration of this room.

The Pieces of Furniture

Many professional interior designers say that the safest way to transform your current living room into a modern one is by choosing a few must-have living room furniture pieces, such as a stylish and comfortable sofa and an eye-catching coffee table or a modern ottoman. These items of furniture will be the heart and soul of your lounge room, so you better pick them carefully. An elegant fabric sofa bed accompanied with a tasteful modern ottoman is a combination that reigns in thousands of modern residences.

After making this choice, your next step should be looking for the rest of the living room furniture items you need. If your living space is a mid-sized one, then finding and incorporating plenty of practical shelves or cabinets into it should be a priority for you.

The Colors

Modern living rooms are famous for their relaxed atmosphere, which is why you shouldn’t take the selection of the colors lightly. You can choose to go with neutrals for the large items of furniture (such as the sofa bed, the armchair, and the ottoman) and spice things up with several colorful decorative accessories or you can decide to purchase one bold and unique furniture piece (for example, a red, deep blue, or orange sectional sofa) and let it steal all the attention in your modern living room.

The Lighting

Never forget that a modern lounge room is a well-lit room (among many other things). That’s precisely why you should try your best to create the perfect combination of discreet ceiling lights and tasteful floor and/or table lamps. Floor lamps are the ideal lighting option when your goal is to illuminate an outstanding piece of art or a dear family portrait hanged on one of your living room walls. Keep in mind that the light of a room can also be improved with the help of the paint color of the walls. So, if sunlight doesn’t visit your living room very often, then you might want to consider painting the walls a light and airy color.