The Most Effective Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your Property

snake repellers

Australia has around 140 species of land snakes, some 100 of which are venomous. Considering this high number, every encounter with a snake can be potentially dangerous. But even though you may think that staying away from the bush will keep you safe from snakes, these creatures can often find their way into our gardens and houses. So, what can we do to keep snakes away from our property and loved ones? Here are some tips on how to snake-proof your home.

Install Snake Repellers

snake repellers

If you live in an area that’s known for high snake activity, one of the easiest ways to prevent them from disturbing you is to install snake repellers around your property. There are a variety of snake repellents and not all are equally effective. Snake repellents that use essential oils can only work on specific types of snake species that dislike the scent that’s used. In addition, these repellers can also be sensed by humans and make them feel uncomfortable if they dislike the scent produced.

On the other hand, snake repellers that emit sounds and a pulsing vibration are far more effective in frightening off any unwanted reptiles. They work by emitting a low-frequency sound and a pulsing vibration every 45 seconds. Although humans cannot sense these signals, a snake can easily pick them up through its body and become fooled into thinking there’s danger. Since they don’t use any chemicals, these repellents are 100% safe for children, pets and livestock. Besides protecting your home, most snake repellents are also portable, allowing you to take them on camping trips and picnics. You can choose between solar and battery-operated repellers depending on where you want to install them.

Maintain a Tidy Garden

snake repellers

Another great way to ensure snakes don’t get near your home is to take away their motivation to visit you in the first place. Snakes are attracted to dark and damp areas with plenty of opportunities to hide, such as holes, woodpiles, unbowed lawns and overgrown shrubs. With that being said, always make sure to maintain your garden and shed. Regularly mow the lawn and ensure woodpiles and tools are neatly stacked to prevent snakes from hiding there. If you have a rock wall or other surface with holes, block all holes and cavities to prevent the slithering creatures from seeking shelter.

Eliminate Their Food Supply

snake repellers

Snakes are always on the hunt for food. So, if your property is often visited by rodents and other pests, this can be an invitation to snakes. Use rat repellent to eliminate rodents and avoid using birdseed, nest boxes and baths that can attract other pests that snakes like to snack on. Also, make sure to properly dispose of food scraps in covered bins.