The Most Important Basics to Create a Modern Classroom

modern classroom

The idea of a modern classroom is to actively involve students in constructing new ideas and content. From connected devices to flexible furniture, today’s classrooms have all the learning tools and gadgets that students need. Nowadays, students thrive in classroom environments that facilitate student engagement, collaboration and connection with teachers.  

Incorporating flexible furniture in a classroom together with paralleled technology can lead to improved learning as students are offered spaces that can be adjusted based on their different learning styles and needs. With careful planning, you can easily make significant changes in your classroom and transform the learning environment. Whether you’re designing a new classroom or want to refresh an existing one, student desks are a good starting point.

Choose Student Desks Carefully 

Classroom with student desks

Modern classrooms offer a more flexible set up compared to traditional classroom layout and are adjusted to fit in perfectly with different types of learning activities. Instead of being rooted in individual desks, students need to be able to move around. Flexibility is important for students and to make the best use of it, it’s a good idea to choose classroom desks that are lightweight and allow students to move. Student desks come in a variety of sizes and colours and ordering the right ones can be a complex task.   

Consider the age of your students and the space you have available. Lap desks are a great choice for young students as they provide an ideal work surface for any chair or flexible seating arrangement. They allow students to work more comfortably and are ideal for writing, reading and doing homework. They’re made from sturdy, high-quality plastic that can last for many years and is easy to clean. 

You can also find lap desks featuring dry erase whiteboard tops that can be used for drawing and colouring and can fit two students. These are popular choices for student interaction that encourages active involvement in lessons and group study. Lap desks are portable activity stations and are stackable for convenient storage when students are not using them. 

Stand desks are some of the most popular classroom desks lately for a few reasons. This type of student desks motivates children to spend more time standing and moving while in school. We know how much they like to move around in class and request frequently to use the restroom, but researchers believe that standing can channel the need for movement. Pedal desks can help students focus in class, but also, they can help fight childhood obesity, which is a result of children leading sedentary lives. Besides, these desks are great for both group and individualised work and testing.  

To make the right choice, search for stand desks with easy adjustability that won’t disrupt the class. Look for practical features for organisation and storage as well as high-quality materials and construction that will allow easy maintenance and long-lasting desks. Colour enhances classroom furniture, so make sure to choose coordinating colours. 

Introduce Sensory Products in the Classroom 

Classroom with sensory toys

Sensory support is needed for the children as sensory toys are intended to improve focus and increase participation. A sensory-informed classroom supports various sensory needs of the students in a way that is as natural as possible. Every student learns differently and has different sensory needs. Sensory toys promote skill development and learning, therefore including sensory tools in a classroom will allow children to use them differently, according to their needs.  

Some of the most commonly used sensory tools that help with various areas of learning include weighted blankets or lap pads, weighted stuffed animals, exercise balls, fidgets, tactile cushions or wriggle cushions, hand-held stretchy items and more. They help ease agitation and make students feel more motivated and encouraged. You can give children hands-on experience with their sensory systems and let them experiment with different types of sensory input while explaining how sensory processing works. It’s usually a fun and lively discussion that validates everyone’s needs and differences and allows you to understand if any student is struggling with sensory issues

Double the Fun with Cool Classroom Supplies 

Close up picture of classroom supplies

Sometimes a small modification to the classroom supplies can make a big difference in the overall classroom experience. To improve your classroom management, you’ll need to make sure you have all the essentials. Every classroom needs a lot of pens and pencils as they’re used daily, so you’ll want pens with a decent quality that write smoothly and get at least a dozen of them. Also, you’ll need highlighters in a variety of colours to help you make your lessons more interesting and colourful and keep your students’ attention.  

Dry erasers are some of the most important items in a classroom as they can be used in many different ways and make practice a little more interactive. Post-it notes, on the other hand, are a great solution for labelling things and sticking valuable information to the walls. They’re available in many different styles and can be used to express creativity and help students learn easily. 

Always Organise Your Classroom 

Modern classroom

Organise all the items in groups based upon usage and frequency of use. You can find containers and boxes in different styles and colours to help you and the students easily identify and access various classroom tools. You can use some visual labels as well to make the storage area stand out.