Listing the Features of Quality Office Chair Mats & the Best Brands


Office chair mats are a great tool to have in your workspace. If you spend most of your day in an office chair, chances are you’ve noticed that the constant rolling of your chair on the floor damages it. Because of that, many floor manufacturers refuse to give out warranties if the rolling office chairs will be frequently used on the floor or they void the warranty if they determine that the damage has been done by the chair’s casters. Chair mats can also be placed over carpets – they help reduce drag and make moving your chair around easier. As a result, they reduce RSI (repetitive stress injury) caused by forcing your chair to move on a thick carpet. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of office chair mats made from different materials and designs ideal for different style office work stations. Here are our favorites.

Anchormat Heavyweight Chair Mat


This model is made from an extremely durable plasticized clear solid vinyl with grips on its underside. These office chair mats are suitable for carpeted floors and come in different shapes and sizes to fit the needs of different types of work stations. The reason why the Anchormat Heavyweight Chair mat has made it to the top of our list is that it is one of the most durable options on the market. They are 30% thicker than any other office chair mat you will come across – with a total thickness of 13mm it is virtually indestructible, it has a 3mm underlay and 10mm of tough vinyl, the edges on the mat are beveled and make the transition of your chair from the mat to the carpet seamless. It comes with a five-year warranty ensuring that you will be using it for many years to come.

Office Marshal Eco Office Chair Mat


This is a sturdy and reliable mat which is made from durable polypropylene. It is also solid yet flexible, just enough to prevent any unwanted cracks or shattering. It has a studded underside which holds it in place on your floor, it is suitable for both carpet and solid floors ( wooden, ceramic tiles, etc.). The Office Marshal is made from a material that is completely BPA-free, it’s odourless and free from phthalate, PVC and other unwanted toxins. The only reason the Marshal falls second on the list is due to its slightly sturdy design. The possibility of it cracking is always present, especially if used on carpets that have a tall pile – a pile that’s taller than 15mm will begin to cause problems.

Evolve Modern Shape Chair Mat


Close in both design and materials to the Marshal, this model has a rectangular shape and it is designed to be used on carpets with low to a medium pile. Evolve mat’s rectangular shape is suited for traditional desks and doesn’t provide much roll space if you plan on using it on L shaped desks. They are sturdy and a bit harder to handle than mats that can be rolled up, but once installed, they offer good protection to your floor and make moving your chair around on carpet up to 80% easier, reducing repetitive stress injury and other common desk-sustained work injuries.

Cleartex Circular General Purpose Floor Mat


This model is a circular chair mat with a 91 cm diameter – it is designed for office chairs whose legs converge to a single point. They are suited for all types of floors, be that wooden floors, carpet, vinyl, ceramic. The only problem with this model is its circular design which cannot accommodate all workstations. It also doesn’t have grips on the bottom side and it tends to move around, especially when used on carpeted floors. As for the material, it is made from polycarbonate, it is environmentally-friendly and BPA-free. Thanks to its small design, it is one of the easiest office chair mats to use and clean – a damp towel and warm water will do the trick.

Tips on Maintaining Office Chair Mats

  • How to clean it: This all depends on the brand and model you buy, but generally, your best bet is using warm water or a cleaning solution and going over the entire surface. The more often you clean your mat, the less likely it will be for it to start losing its transparency. Once a week is frequent enough to ensure your purchase will maintain its good look.
  • Unroll it immediately: Make sure to unroll your mat immediately after getting it, they are usually rolled up for delivery and if you let it stay in that position, the mat might lose its shape and become warped.
  • Watch the temperature: Make sure that the temperature in your room doesn’t drop below 15°C and that it doesn’t go above 35°C as variation in temperature can cause the mat to deteriorate faster. The temperature should stay within this range without too much fluctuation.