Pillow Top Mattress: Extended Comfort


Since sleeping is one of the basic needs for humans and most animals equally, it is no surprise about one third of human life is spent on it. As such, it is crucial to get a night of quality sleep to be in optimal shape. It affects all bodily functions, from boosting your energy, renewing cells and keeping your immune system at an all time high to regulating your weight. During days full of activities, the brain gathers a lot of information and sleeping is required to keep the brain from an information overload.

Everything that is considered excessive and unnecessary gets removed while we are dozing off which is possible because the mind operates differently during wakefulness. Bad news for everyone who is not getting enough sleep as many researchers have already proven the negative outcome of a sleepless night. Not only will bad sleep cause more stress for your body, it will also speed up the ageing process.
Pillow Top Mattress for Extended ComfortTo provide all the sleep your body needs it is important to consider where you sleep. The state of your bed and mattress in particular have a great deal of influence. You may not be aware, but if you frequently wake up tired even after getting all the amount of sleep required and experience pains, it might be time to think about replacing your mattress. A bad mattress with not enough body support will leave you with a stiff neck, back, hip pain and begging for a sick-day. This is why the next time you think of making some changes in your home, a new mattress should be on top of your purchase list. Lately, studies about the relations between mattresses and quality sleep have inspired manufacturers to come up with ingenious designs aiming to give a good base for the snoozing of their customers. There is one specific mattress known for its comfortable design: the pillow top mattress.

This type of mattress consists of several layers of foam all wrapped up in a cover and as we might as well guess from its name, the top is pillow-like with the purpose of giving all the comfort and body support to avoid causing stiffness and pain. Pillow top mattresses have additional layers and spring support system for more softness and full adjustment to your body. Because there is a variety of mattresses you will stumble across, it is important to do your own research and find a reliable shop and manufacturer for a pillow top mattress of value and durability.

Quality pillow mattresses will not just extend your comfort, they also have hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties which means you can say goodbye to dust mites and microbes and have a germ-free sleep. Along with this, they are designed to regulate your body’s temperature (which is known to fall considerably during sleep) and reduce partner movement. This is why investing in getting your ideal pillow top mattress is crucial as it means investing in your health.