Popular Weight Loss Supplements Reviewed


Whether your aim is to regulate your weight and lose some kilos, or maintain a healthy balanced diet, you have probably considered including some supplements in your daily menu. They come in the form of pills and drinks, and the most common ones we can instantly think of are vitamins and minerals. Although it is best to supply your body with both vitamins and minerals through foods, sometimes the amount is not sufficient. The latest obsession with supplements, however, is finding those which affect weight loss. But how does one find the adequate supplement that can give the desired results? There are endless choices of supplements for weight loss you can find, and here are some of the most popular ones.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA has been considered among the best supplements for weight loss as it can stimulate losing weight. It is a naturally occurring fatty acid and is found in some foods, such as cheese, which makes it listed in the healthy supplements. If taken daily, it can help decrease body fat as it reduces feelings of hunger, boosting fat burning and preventing the building of fat. However, if consumed in great amounts, it is known to lead to unwanted down-side reactions, among which is persistent inflammation.


You may be surprised of the degree of effectiveness caffeine has on weight loss, so you should consider adding a cup or two more of daily intake of coffee (cream and sugar excluded). Because of the discovery of its impact on boosting the metabolism, there are many weight loss products that contain coffee extracts as part of their main ingredients. Furthermore, caffeine is good for treating headaches and according to some recent studies, it can help reduce the risk of cancer.

Green Tea

Another popular weight loss supplement is green tea. Green tea is usually among the primary choices of people who are aware of the importance of tea for the well-being in general. Same as caffeine, there are many supplements which consist of green tea extract to some degree. We know how much celebrities are preoccupied with their health and looks, so it is of no surprise Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan of green tea. A word of caution though, try not to overindulge in it since there could be some side-effects.


This supplement is one of the most popular ones as of late, and seems to be healthy since it is based on caffeine extract as well as some other plants, plus some studies have shown its considerable impact on weight loss. Same as with other supplements for weight loss, you can get slight health disturbances (like anxiety and increased heart rate) if you add more of it in your diet.

We can conclude that weight loss supplements are undeniably important if you want to lose some weight in a shorter period, but it is necessary to stick to the recommended doses if you want to keep your health unharmed.