Here’s How You Can Protect Your Garden from Birds and Pets


No matter how much we love animals, they can be quite of a problem, especially if you have a garden. We all know how pets like to run and play outdoors while birds tend to ruin the beautifully grown and ripe fruits and veggies. Instead of punishing your dogs or shooting into the sky just to scare the birds, with the help of some awesome plants and garden supplies you can completely protect your garden from these sweet but irresponsible “intruders”.

Spraying Repellents

One of the most popular ways to keep birds and pets from destroying your garden is to use ready-made repellents that are mainly available in spray bottles. However, you can also find them in the form of granules which are designed mainly for the soil while the former ones are designed to be sprayed directly onto the plant. A rule to remember is to always read the instructions as different repellents have different purposes, repellent power and ingredients as well. For example, some of them consist of ingredients that are non-edible or some that are edible but can affect the taste of the food.


Netting is maybe one of the safest and most effective type of plants and garden supplies you can choose to use in order to protect your garden from your pets and from birds as well. The best part is that netting can protect your vines, fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers and seedlings from birds, pets and even snakes while allowing normal and healthy plants growth. Simply put, netting is used as a physical barrier to prevent mainly pets, birds and bats from landing, accessing, nesting or roosting in your garden. Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing all your plants damaged, so using a bird net is the most efficient and cost-effective way to protect your plants without harming the birds or your pet.

Flashing Tape & Old CD

No matter how strange it may sound, flashing tape and CD can be quite helpful especially for scaring birds. Since they are scared from fire, the flashing light and CD disks in the sunlight can resemble flames to birds, making it a cost-effective way to scare and send them away. Although easy and affordable, keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution for birds in comparison to the two aforementioned repellent ideas.


When it comes to keeping pets away, placing a fence around your garden is another useful idea. Just like netting, fences are another type of animal control measure you can take into account as it won’t harm your pets or any other types of animals, and it can also allow your plants to grow fast and thrive healthily.