Putting an End to One Very Toxic Battle with BPA Free Water Bottles

BPA Free Water Bottles

Water is the way, but without BPA.

Nowadays, it seems as if we are consuming so many products from plastic containers, that one can freely say that it is the plastic that consumes us, not the other way around. However, as of late, scientist have discovered significant differences between certain types of plastic and it is all due to the presence or lack of certain types of harmful chemicals. One chemical in particular has been a major topic and that is bisphenol A or better known as BPA.

The negative effects of BPA were discovered by Dr. Patricia Hunt, back in 1998. She noticed that it is this very chemical that is most responsible for the pollution of the environment caused by plastic products. It does not take a brain of a chemistry professor to be able to realize just how harmful it can be for the human body to drink water for bottles made of BPA plastic.

Hunt was especially interested in the relationship between this chemical and the hormones produced in the human body and the result was not something that will make the manufacturers of this type of plastic happy. Luckily, it all gave rise to the production of BPA free water bottles.

There is no point in going hiking with the purpose of adding more balance to your life, all while relying on a water bottle that does quite the opposite – messes up the hormonal balance of your body. It is true that bottles that contain BPA are slightly cheaper than BPA free ones, but it’s really a small price to pay, especially now that we are aware of all the damaging consequences. It has been proven that 100% of the time when this chemical is present in structure of the bottle, the water becomes contaminated.

The most important thing to note is the fact that 90% of the bottle manufacturers do not state clear on their bottles whether there is BPA or not. However, you can always do an online research and see which brands are taking this responsibility seriously and are straying away from BPA. Also, you needn’t worry in regard to the appearance of these bottles – your new, BPA free water vessels come in all shapes, sizes, colours and are sleek and easy to carry around.

In conclusion, I hope that the future holds more discoveries that lead to more solutions such as BPA free water bottles because that is the only way we can decrease the intake of toxins in your bodies.