Richmond Casters: A Blend of Durability, Functionality, and Convenience

Close-up view of a wooden cart's locking caster wheels on a hardwood floor, providing stability and ease of movement for utility furniture.

From trolleys, carts and tooling cabinets, to office chairs, furniture and hospital beds, it’s castors that get things moving. These are the wheel and mounting assemblies attached to material handling equipment. There’s a wide variety of materials, differing designs and sizes, and features that enable smooth and safe rolling across different surfaces. Some do their rounds in industrial settings where heat, chemicals and heavy loads test castors to their limit, while others need to sail effortlessly and in total silence while moving files and documents in offices.

Buying the right castors for your application can be the hardest part, considering how many variables are at play. Which material do you choose, what are the optimal dimensions, and are they right for the intended gear and settings? These questions can yield different answers, but buying from renowned manufacturers, like Richmond casters, cuts down on unwanted confusion and hassle, and ensures products that improve your company’s productivity and efficiency while meeting strict safety needs.

With castors from Richmond Rolling Solutions, you know you’re investing in quality, durability and products that just work. This is Australia’s leading producer of wheels, castors and a selection of manual and automated material handling gear used across hundreds of sectors. The family-owned company has supplied Australian businesses with rolling solutions for 65 years, with over 50 separate castor lines and some 5000 products to choose from.

Durolite Casters


Mobile equipment used in hospitals, offices, retail stores and general material handling can all benefit from the whisper-quiet and fast-rolling Durolite casters. These are a twin-swivelling design for enhanced maneuverability and feature a 12mm bolt-hole frame for simple mounting and maintenance. The Zinc Durolite range benefits from hard-wearing zinc frames and can be optioned with wheels in varying materials, heights, widths and carrying capacities. Choose institutional or rebound rubber for office and hospitality trolleys and carts, anti-static wheels when handling electronics, or nylon wheels sitting on plain bearings in wheels of moderate heights and found in general material handling equipment.

Each caster can handle between 80 to 100 kilos. Diameters vary from 75 to 150mm, with overall heights of up to 187mm offering ample room for negotiating obstacles. The line also includes braked and unbraked variants, and where mounting versatility is needed, Durolite plate castors. Choose castors from the separate Chrome Durolite series when working equipment with high exposure to water and chemicals.

200, 300 and 500 Series Castors


If weight capacities in medium to heavy-duty gear are priorities when buying, choose Richmond casters in the 200, 300 or 500 Series. The 200 series includes a weight capacity of up to 200 kilos, recognisable red Nylon thread guards to keep out dirt, debris and other contaminants, fast-rolling yet sturdy industrial ball bearings, and wheel material options ranging from Nylon, rebound rubber and poly/Nylon combos.

The 300 series moves up the weight and includes castors with both plate or bolt mounts, as well as rigid or swivelling braked and unbraked designs. Bearings also see more variety, with roller, plain and ball bearings providing smooth rolling and high durability, Wheel materials range from Nylon in industrial gear and trolleys, rebound rubber for road cases and transportable crates, and non-marking poly Nylon in showroom displays.

The entry to heavy-duty applications, including automotive, steel manufacturing and high-speed production lines is well served with castors in the 500 Series. These earn their stripes with industrial-grade plate mounts, sealed bearings, swivel locks, and steel, cast-iron or aluminium among the typical wheel options. To cope with the added weight, assemblies are thicker at 40 or 50mm, range in diameters from 100 to 150mm, and the supporting plate pushes heights to 194mm in taller units.

Utility Castors

Utility castors are used in light-duty applications, such as wire baskets, smaller trolleys, and display equipment. These come with either plate or bolt mounts, wider diameters (50, 75 and 100mm) to better distribute weight, zinc-plating for corrosion resistance in wet areas, and loading capacities of 30, 50 and 70 kilos. Wheels are institutional rubber or Nylon affairs and roll on ball or plain bearings. They’re also lower profile, with overall heights from 68 to 134mm in plate mounts. These too can be optioned as braked or unbraked.

A different take is the Utility Series twin wheel castors. These do an even better job of handling large or awkwardly shaped loads for even more maneuvering stability. Choose between single-bolt or baseplate mounts, grey rubber or black Nylon wheels, castors in 50, 71, 80 or 98mm heights, and load capacities of up to 80 kilos in bigger units. These castors are common in furniture pieces, home entertainment units, and shop fitting applications, among other uses.

More in the Richmond Castor Lineup

The ranges above are just touching the tip of all the variety in the wider Richmond castors product line. The company offers a select choice of specialty castors, such as its Furniture and Bed line, the stainless-steel Elite casters with superior heat resistance, the Excel line for ultimate performance against water and corrosion, and super-heavy-duty types able to effortlessly carry 10 tons. Richmond also offers castors used in AGVs, cargo casters used in airport applications, and medical castors used in hospital beds, medical carts and monitor trolleys. Regardless of your line of work, you can count on Richmond Rolling Solutions for your castor needs.